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    Default Weather in January

    OK first time Couples couple (former cruisers). I just booked our first Couples vacation at San Souci January 29 - February 5, 2010. I was wondering what we should expect as far as weather goes, and water temp. Any other tips for first time Couples couples?

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    We were at CSS this past January, having been to CSA previously. We had eight days of clear sunny weather, one day it was overcast, and it rained one entire day. Not bad odds. However, the western side of the island is drier than the Ochi side. In three trips to CSA, we've never had an all day rain. In fact, from talking to other couples on our flight home, we understand that Negril did not get rain during our entire stay at CSS.

    The water temperature was perfect for us. Not quite bathwater temp, just enough to cool us off after laying in the sun.

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    Thanks for the response! Do you prefer CSA over CSS? Why?

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    We love both CSS and CSA for different reasons. We struggled for months trying to decide whether to book CSA or CSS for next year (we wanted to book before the end of June to get the great extras). In the end, we picked CSA for next year. But that doesn't mean we didn't love CSS. Of all things, my husband missed the Sports Center at CSA (including the lap pool). Here are a few things we considered:

    CSS - the unique Starlight Gala; private beach (no beach vendors); jacuzzi in the beachfront room; lovely jogging trail around the pond; snorkeling right off the beach; couples massage in the huts along the cliffs; more intimate feel (since it's a smaller resort); and dinner on the terrace at Casanova.

    CSA - Seven mile beach (even with the vendors) is spectacular, including the sunsets; the beachfront rooms are actually right on the beach; more restaurant choices; the Friday beach party; the sports complex; no hills and steps; larger internet cafe (no waiting for computers); Ultimate Chocolate; catamaran cruise; drier weather historically in January; and slightly shorter ride from the airport.

    It was a very tough choice. I honestly can't say we prefer one over the other; I can see us alternating between the two resorts in the future. Final note, if a nude beach is important to you, then obviously, you want CSS.

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    We always go to Couples in January and it is fabulous!!! That weather is warm in the day, and nice in the evenings. The water temp is perfect, the pools are a little chilly for my taste, but my DH, gets right in. You will love the January weather

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    We were at CSS Jan 21 - Jan 26 last year. Rain 3 1/2 days. People at CN didn't have a drop. Guess it's true that the Western coast if drier.
    Even with the rain we had a good time.

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