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    Default Mento Band for Cocktail Reception or Steel Drums??

    ADVICE PLEASE!! what do you all think??
    We have 14 guests & we are doing a two hour private cocktail hour due to the fact that its a Friday PM and we can't do a private dinner at the resort. It is beach party night!! wonderful because we can all go to the dinner & beach party.
    But we want to do something special & private with our guests. So, two hour cocktail party with hot & cold snacks.
    We are trying to decide between doing the steel drum band (3 piece) or Mento Band. Any ideas?? there is a big price difference with the two but I'm not basing my choice on $$$

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    I also am getting married there on a Friday at 3:00 in June. We decided to not spend the money on a reception and have the beach party our little reception. I would like to do a cocktail hour as well after the wedding. Where is your cocktail hour going to be held at?

    If I were you I would go with the steel drum band.

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    We have only just found out the prices n decided between the mento band n the steel drum band.

    If you go onto Youtube you can listen to the steel drums n the mento band to see which you like the best.

    We did really want the steel drum band, but then changed our minds n we are going to book the mento band as they look like a lot of fun, n we won't be listening to them for very long anyway as we will be going off for photos.

    Have a listen and see which you prefer tho


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