Greetings to all:

We are super excited to let you all know about our new online brochures. Andi, our Director of Sales and Marketing (aka Shandi) has done a great job to get three of our favorite brochures in an easy to read format. You can view them at , click brochures (listed on the left side). Or just go here . Once you open them you can send them to all your friends and family. Finally, they will understand why you LOVE Couples Resorts and why they MUST go too. AND they are available 24/7 for those late night Couples Cravings :-)

These brochures are in a format called Adobe Flash Player, they take a little time to load, or may need to you to update and load software.
They have many features such as:
• Flip through pages, by arrow buttons on bottom or clicking on page or hovering far left/right and clicking arrows
• Table of contents (bottom left)
• Zoom in/out
• View in Full Screen (upper right corner)
• Search (for a specific word in the brochure)
• logo – takes you to home page
• Lower left icons
o Email (entire brochure or page)
o Print
o Download to PDF
• In the spa brochure, there is also a link to the spa booking engine
let us know what you think...

Randy Russell
Couples Resorts