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    Default what do you do the day you leave?

    We leave for CSA Nov 13 at midnight. We are going to hike up Mt Hood and ski down, then have a nice dinner out, and fly away. What do other folks do after all the preparation are done?

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    We have to get up at around 3am to catch our 6am flight so the day we leave is usually a sleepless night with anticipation of what's to come! And, going over and over to make sure we did everything we needed to (packing, animal care, house care, etc). Your way sounds much more fun!
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    Usually just pack. We usually take a very early morning flight which means we are waking up at 3:30 or 4 a.m. I pack the night before, make sure the house is all set (light timers, unplugging the computer, etc.), and go to bed. We usually leave on a Saturday morning, so the day before is just work and prepping for the trip.

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    since we normally get the first flight out of nyc we love to go out for a nice dinner get our drink on then hit a club. The challenge is getting out in time to get to the airport at day break. enjoy

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    We're on the East we always leave early in the morning. So...we just get up...get dressed...and go. The best part is we arrive at CSA in the early afternoon and have the rest of the day to settle in.

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    we fly out of atlanta which is two hours away in the early am so we go up the afternoon before, check into the marriott, have a nice dinner, and get up early the next morning to be at the airport in PLENTY of time to get on our plane. It almost feels like we have an extra day of vacation that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cindi View Post
    We leave for CSA Nov 13 at midnight. We are going to hike up Mt Hood and ski down, then have a nice dinner out, and fly away. What do other folks do after all the preparation are done?
    First let me say what you do is SO COOL!

    All we do is pack and make sure all the lists are in place so when we arrive home the kids and dog are still kicking. We have gotten it so we can pack in an hour or so and usually do it the evening before we leave as not to forget anything. We set our flight so we don't have to be up too early and still arrive in time for a late lunch and a JA sunset.
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    Once everything is all packed, I check the MB once more, then go and "pretend" to sleep. Then BOLT out of the bed and head to the airport

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    Our airport is a 3 hour drive, in a city I hate to drive in, so we are planning on taking a shuttle bus from a neighboring town the night before and spending the night in the airport so we can leave on our 5:20 flight. The earliest the shuttle each day doesn't get to the airport until 4:30 am, so it isn't early enough for us to take that one, so we have to take the last one of the day, get to the airport at around 8:00pm the night before, and wait, and wait, and wait (probably no sleep for us)......

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    We will work most of the day, hopefully get out a little early, then we will drive to Detroit, about 2 hours, and spend the night at an airport hotel. Up early and take the shuttle from the parking company to the airport for the 6:30 flight.

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    We live about 3 and 1/2 hours from the Atlanta airport and do exactly what bobndeanne do. I imagine we even stay in the same Marriott.

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    we only have about a one hour drive to the airport and a 6:30 am flight, I always take off the day before a vacation trip and wind up regretting that. I am all packed and ready by noon the day before so the wait then just gets unbearable, all the questions,
    did you pack this, did you remember that,
    did you call so and so
    did we leave enough money for the kids (they are 23 and 25 so we shouldn't leave them anything right?)
    Your idea sounds much better...LOL

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    I always make sure that the house is cleaned spotless so that when we retrun we aren't stressed out right away. The night before we drop the kid off at the grandparents and the dog off at the pet hotel...and then I take some Excedrin PM so that I can actually sleep the night before. We board the first flight of the day and are there by early afternoon!
    Then I always take off (from work) the following day after we get home from CSA so that I can reaclimate to home and savor our vaction without being thrown immediatly back into the rat race. Luckily for us we get back on a Thursday so I will take off Friday and have the rest of the weekend to relax. I can't wait, only 31 more days!!!!

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    After work we head to our favorite airport Hotel. We drink wine, swim in the pool and go to their japanese restaurant for dinner. A fairly early night as we have to get up to get the shuttle to the airport for a 5.30am flight. It's so nice to start the vacation a day earlier.

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    I do alot of smiling!!
    But seriously, usually work a half day, then off to Boston and the hotel for the night. Hit Fanuiel Hall, nice restaraunt and then end up at the bar. Usually have very early flight in the am so in bed and try to sleep until like 3 am and then head to the airport a mile or so away. I always say my vacation starts a day early cause I love spending the night in Boston. Can't go wrong with that!!
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    These questions are good ones, and I'm enjoying reading all the responses. You surely do it up great with the hiking and skiing. We live close to the airport so it's cheaper to get a car to take us from home than it is to park. Also much nicer when we return to have a warm car waiting. Like most of the rest of you, we leave on an early flight, so we're up around 3:30 a.m. or so, like I could sleep anyhow. Pack the night before and eat pizza. We'll be at CTI in 91 days.

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