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    Default Anyone Know How Far Point Village Resort is from CSA???

    We are getting married June 4th at CSA!! We have some family staying at The Point Village Resort on 7 mile beach in Negril
    Does anyone know how far of a walk it is?? or if it is walkable??

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    I have stayed there in the past. It is about 2 miles.

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    Looks like it's on Bloody Bay, so it's not walkable. They would have to take a cab.

    If you go to their site it will tell you where they are located. Also found a map of resorts by Googling "Negril resort map". The one I found that shows it best though is from another resort, so I'm not going to post the link here.

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    Guessing from Google Earth it is about 2+ miles. Point Village is at the beginning of Long Bay around the point from CN.

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    We honeymooned there! And then of course we found Couples!! Point Village is on the VERY end of the Long Bay beach, and their nude beach is the first sand after the point. Although along time ago it was fenced off from the neighboring resort (H2), and made it impossible or impractical to walk it.

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    Just an added note. You would have to walk thru HEDO to get to the beach.

    I don't think that will happen.

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    Point village does not have a beach?

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    If you know Alex from his years at CSA, he is at Point Village now -

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    Default Point Village to Couples Negril (or vice versa)

    From Couples Negril to Point Village is roughly a half kilometer walk. Head to your left...walk to the Grand Lido property. Point Village is just around the rocky point where Grand Lido "ends" but you'd have to wade out into the water.

    I'm thinking that if you wanted to visit your friends/family at Point Village, you could call ahead to Grand Lido, explain the situation, and ask if there is someone (security) on the Grand Lido Beach that would walk you through the property to the main gate...where you would then turn to your right and walk two minutes to Point Village.

    Point Village would also have to be checked...when I used to work there, non-paying guests could visit the paying guests in the lobby, but were not supposed to pass beyond that (though easy to do.) If planning to spend time there and wanting to eat and drink, Point Village does offer day passes.

    If your friends were to meet you at Couples, they would have to try the same arrangement in reverse.

    The key here would be of course Grand Lido, and if they would extend this courtesy to you..they certainly would not be required to, but often times properties will go a little bit out of the way - consider it a "site inspection" should you someday want to return to Negril and stay at a spot that you got to see first hand. The Sales Department usually helps visitors to any property with bonafide site inspections, so I would contact someone in that department, at both properties.

    If this arrangement doesn't work out, the two properties are a three minute taxi ride away from each other....and a taxi would be necessary if getting together for the wedding itself, as you would not be comfortable in wedding/party clothes walking the beach.

    A last option would be to meet up together off both properties...plenty of restaurant / bar / music venue options (if at night) to get together and explore the town of Negril itself while you're at it, since both properties are at the very beginning of town when coming from the airport, and you'll have no clue what else is out there to enjoy.

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