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    Default She's all that and more............

    Simply speaking, she is: Sweet, Special, Sultry, Sexy, Sensible, Scintillating, Sublime, Sizzling, Superior, Salty, Spacious, Shining, Silky, Seductive, Smooth, Super, Stylish, Soft, Secretive, Stupendous, Sensational, Spectacular, Satisfying, Soothing, Sincere, Seclusive, Sensual, simply swell.

    She has been there for over sixty years. She has definitely stood the test of time. Welcoming smiling faces from a myriad of backgrounds, and from cities and countries around the world. The words, "Melting Pot", come to mind. As each of us pass through the invisible barriers that may plague us under normal conditions, at a Couples destination, the harmony, tranquility, understanding and acceptance of each other is truly magical.

    Under the cerulean blue skies, with warmth in the breezes and happiness in the air, you are totally unprepared for such sudden and drastic changes that unfold each day. Not the kind of change that is difficult to handle or relies on long term conditions. This metamorphosis occurs while you are fully awake. It can happen at almost any moment. At first, you won't even notice anything different. You will just go along each day, having a good time.

    Then you or your partner will suddenly realize that your mind has been captured by an alien force. Something that makes you feel like never before. You may resort to sudden bursts of uncontrollable laughter. Find yourself smiling. Not just a casual momentary grin, but a smile that seems to have been permanently etched onto your face. Any time you hear the unmistakable sound of the reggae beat, you start moving and twitching and snapping your fingers. And no one gives you a second look. It all seems so right. People find themselves saying 'hello' to complete strangers.
    This phenomenon may be found at other places around the globe. Disney properties are a great example of how everyone has such a great time. There is laughter and fun on every corner. Completely unparalleled enjoyment. That 's what the name Couples represents to me. To provide comfort, restfulness and a sense of delightful well being.

    "She's a lady, whoa, whoa whoa, she's a lady. Talking about my pretty lady. And the lady is mine". It doesn't exactly sound like Tom Jones when I sing it, but the statement is correct. She is quite a lady indeed.

    The only thing standing in the way of being reunited with this goddess of goodness and graciousness, is the passage of just a few more days. There seems nothing more that I can do to hasten the time. But I gladly endure these last agonizing moments that hold me prisoner. Soon, so very soon, there will be no barriers to overcome, no anxiety to deal with, no more waiting.


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    Your words are SO true! Have a wonderful time in paradise. You both deserve a relaxing vacation. Congrats.

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    so when is tom jones performing at couples? how cool is that ... just imagine how many extra panties the ladies will have to pack NICE
    can some one shed some light on what days and what resorts too cool

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