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    Hubby thinks I should leave my wedding ring at home when we go to Jamaica. I don't want to take it off, I think I should be able to wear my ring. Not that my ring is worth a million dollars. (Don't we wish ladies?!??!) HAHA I suggested that I can wear my ring to Jamaica but leave it in the safe if we go off the resort. Is there any need to put it in the safe? Or am I OK to wear my ring to Jamaica even off the resort?

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    I wouldn't worry so much about wearing it off resort as wearing it while sunning (oily, sweaty fingers make rings slip off) or while in the water--again they can slip off.

    Personally, I wear mine.

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    I don't wear my diamond, but just a plain band. My reason is that I don't like to get lotion all over it as then it must be profossionally cleaned when we get home. I wore it on one trip, and it looked awful by the end of the week.

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    There have been several threads on this subject with equal pro and con comments. IMHO, I would be so devasted if my ring was lost. The safe is a secure location. I bought a good quality CZ ring set that I love to wear there. No worries if it gets lost in the ocean or in the sand and my precious (to me!) wedding ring set is safe at home.

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    I wore my ring & college ring, which was a lot of work! so you can bet I'm wearing I feel naked w/o them. I wore them & had no problem. Just be extremely careful if you do any activities...

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    I bought an expensive "fakey" wedding set at a department store and wore that. I did not want to wear my original wedding set because I like to take my rings off when swimming, sleeping etc. Just that many more chances of losing them. I was never concerned for safety reasons. I see most women wearing what looks like thier wedding bands, though. Perfectly safe.

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    Just like ChillininGil I bought a fake set to have some thing to wear. I'd worry about loosing my rings in the water after putting on suntan lotion. Never worried about them being taken since there is a safe in the room. Do what you feel comfortabe doing. Don't want to spend time on vacation worrying about loosing something.

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    I wore my wedding rings the whole time I was there but we didn't leave the resort.I never take my rings off. The safe in the room is great too.

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    "Or am I OK to wear my ring to Jamaica even off the resort?"

    Yes- you should be more concerned about losing it in the water or sand.

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    Definitely feel naked without the ring on. I'm OK without the "fakey" just to have something on my fingers. I always take it off when I go swimming anyway therefore I am not more concerned about losing it in the water or sand. So I'm good to go with my ring to Jamaica. I'll be sure to show my husband the thread. Thanks all. It takes a lot of convincing for my husband to agree with me sometimes.
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    I leave mine at home in the safe "in case something happens" so our daughter can have them. While at CN, I felt rather naked without my rings. DH went to the gift shop and purchased a ring for me so I would not feel so empty on my hand. He brought it back and nelt next to me with a lovely message and put it on my hand. It was a truely special moment!

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    Something no one has mentioned yet...The salt air and water will damage the metal in the ring. In my opinion, the best advice is to keep your rings in the safe during the day and only bring them out in the evenings.
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    My doofus brother lost his wedding ring on the beach one year when we went to CSS. Thankfully, one of the staff was able to locate a metal detector (the wand types they use at the airport security) and he eventually found it.... after about 5 hours of searching.

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