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    Default Just got the news

    For anyone that was following my medical journey through the land of the cancerous prostate. I have been off the hormone replacement meds. for about three months. The nurse just called with the results of my most recent, last week, PSA results. "Clinically undetectable".
    I didn't think that there would ever be anything that could thrill me as much as Couples, but I was wrong. I have been jumping up and down and carrying on since the call. Syl is on the road so I called her. We both laughed and cried and laughed and cried some more.
    Now we can leave for CTI in 8 days and really have "no problems, mon".


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    yeah! I can't tell you how happy bob and I are for you and Syl!!! Have lots of fun at couples and enjoy your health!!

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    That's GREAT news!! Have a wonderful time.

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    Great news! Now go and live life to the fullest!!!

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    VERY GREAT NEWS!!!! WooHoo - No better way to celebrate it then going to Couples. Have FUN!!!!

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    Thank you, Lord!!!!
    Once again....
    God is good - all the time...
    And ALL the time, God is GOOD!!!
    Richie, you just MADE my day!!!
    "Rescuing one dog will not change the world....
    But for that dog the world will be forever changed"
    God bless the rescue babies!

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    Awesome Richie!! Fantastic news!
    Now, have a great vacation....See you in March!

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    Congrats! That is wonderful. We will raise a toast with the two of you next week at CTI.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Richie, we are so, SO happy to hear your news! Be prepared for more celebrations in 164 days!!!

    My dad just got his first test results since he ended his treatments in July. His PSA level dropped from above 8, to 0.67. So he's definitely on the right track, too.

    Have a great trip, hug Syl for us, and we'll see you soon!

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    Terrific news for you both. It made my heart smile.

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    Richie..This wonderful news brought tears to Peggy's and my eyes.
    Thank the Lord.


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    Great news. Have a wonderful time celabrating at CTI.

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    I love to hear news like that! Thanks for sharing. This next trip to Couples may be the best yet.

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    Great news!!! We would love to have a drink with you guys on the island... we arrive at CTI in 13 days!

    Bob and Tracy

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    Wonderful news, Richie! Nick and I send our "way to go" from South Carolina. Hve a great trip.

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    great news Richie. congrats

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    Great news Richie!!! Best news ever!!

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    Congrats! Enjoy!

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    Great News. Enjoy your time at CTI!!!
    Irie Mon

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    Great news! Have a great time at Couples!

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    Default Oh yes!!

    HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!!!!! What terrific news!

    So happy for you. Enjoy your time as I know you will.

    Hugs, Lisa
    Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

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    FANTASTIC News Richie!! CONGRATS!!! You are going to the perfect place to celebrate!
    Thanks for sharing the good news with all of us!!!

    Art xo Francine

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    Richie: I am so happy for you. I have been thru the prostrate issues and totally understand what your PSA test results mean and what they mean to you.
    You have much to be thrankful for. Going to Couples is just a small thing to enjoy compared to the real thing to enjoy and look forward to!
    Here's wishing you a lot of joy


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    Congrats! I've seen your updates and know this is a long time coming. So happy for you! Go enjoy your vacation now!

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    Hey Ritchie don't know if you even remember us I am pleased to hear about your full recovery!!!!!!! Will be seeing you at the Par Taa I can't wait the Couples bug has hit us big time.

    your allergic to the national cigarette friends from MA

    Bonnie and Mike

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