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    Four of us are headed to CSA the end of Feb/first of March primarily to enjoy some tennis. Is there anyway to find out who the visiting pro will be at that time? Also...are Brenton and Robin still on-staff pros at CSA? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I believe Ardell White is the resident tennis pro there.

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    When we were there in April, my husband only played with the visiting pro, I didn't think there was a resident pro.... I could be wrong.
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    Ashford Knight, joined a year ago, is a terrific addition to the local tennis staff. Hopton and Brenton were still there in March. Robin is also there in an administrative position, I believe. Four more weeks and I'll better.

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    We are heading to CTI Dec 2-12. Any other tennis players heading there? Looking forward to seeing Colin (Tennis pro) and some of the locals on the court!

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    Hey "Queen Elizabeth" still around ?...She was one of the "locals" last time we were there.

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    Don't remember Queen Elizabeth, however, I always enjoyed playing against Robert and Rupert was amazing at his age!

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