My husband and I had the opportunity last year to go on the excursion to the school. We spent a few hours meeting the principal and teachers and visiting a few classrooms. The students were very excited to see us and to show us what they were currently learning. It was such a moving experience. I'm a fifth grade teacher in New York and have always had what I needed in order to teach my students (especially the basics like paper/pencils). Visiting the school made me realize that contentment is not found in material objects, but within. The people we met (children & adults alike) were genuinely content. It was such an incredible experience! My husband and I will once again be coming back "home" during the upcoming spring break. I was wondering if there is a schedule for when we are able to visit the school? I think we tried to visit during our vacation one other year in April , but couldn't. If you could please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if we are unable to visit during our stay, can we send along school supplies? If so, who would we give them to when we arrive at our resort?

Thank you so much!!!