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    What is the difference between the Beachfront rooms and the Oceanview veranda rooms? (beside the price!)

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    Oceanview verandahs and beachfront verandahs are the same rooms. The only difference is the beachfront verandahs are closer to the beach; those buildings sit in front of the oceanview. But the rooms themselves are the same. All verandahs are in the newer section of the resort. They are buildings with three stories and four rooms on each floor. They all have tv and minibar.

    The beachfront suites are also on the beach, but are in the older section of the resort. They don't have a tv, but do have a minibar. They are, I think, in buildings that are only two stories tall and only have a total of 4 rooms??? I haven't actually been in one, we have one booked for April. I have been in a garden suite, also in the older section though and if they are like that on the inside, then, IMHO, they feel a bit roomier than the verandahs. And, the ones on the top floor will have a cathedral ceiling and the bathroom wall won't go all the way up to the ceiling (feel free to correct anything I got wrong).

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    Beachfront Verandahs and Oceanfront Verandahs are exactly the same...the only difference is the distance from the ocean they sit. I will attempt to post view from Beachfront Verandah and Oceanfront verandah. The first two are from an oceanfront verandah room...the last two are from a beachfront verandah. Pictures were taken from verandah.
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    The ONLY difference between the Beachfront Verandah and the Ocean Verandah is the location (and the view). The Ocean Verandah buildings sit behind (at an angle) the Beachfront Verandah buildings.

    If you have a Beachfront, you are literally, right on the beach. If you have an Ocean Verandah, you are about 20 steps from the beach.

    We stayed in an Ocean on the first floor and loved it! Here are some pics. From our patio, you can see the Beachfront building in front. And from the beach, you can see the Beachfront buildings in the background.

    Hope this helps!
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    There is no "view" in any name of suite at CSA.With ocean verandah, I don't think you are guaranteed a "view" of the sea in a ovs.

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