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    Default Wedding 7/1/2010

    [SIZE="3"]I'm so excited! We are all set for a sunset wedding on July 1!!! Just us to. I'm looking forward to the relaxation instead of stress. Then when we return home, we will have a reception for family and friends![/SIZE]

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    Hey, congratulations.

    We are doing a similar thing, having a quiet wedding with just 2 guests then having a big reception when we get home! We can't wait to chill out in Jamaica!

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    Congratulations to both of you! We are doing the same thing in May 2010 at CN!! Just the two of us on the beach! It's been hard explaining to my family that it will be "just us" but we are also going to have a reception when we get back and will show the wedding video for the guests. It's going to be so incredible...I am so excited already and it's still 7 months away!!

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    my family was very understanding about it. It's gonna be awesome and congrats to both of you also!

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    Default Getting married at CSS Feb. 2010

    We are making our first trip to Jamaica in Feb. 2010 to CSS with our wedding on the 23rd, just the 2 of us, not telling anyone that we are getting married while there, will be a surprise for family and friends when we get back.

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    We are doing the same thing. No matter what the reason, it will be a wonderful experience!!

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