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    Default Ice cream at CTI

    We previously stayed at CSA and loved the self serve ice cream at the veggie bar. Is there a self serve ice cream machine at the veggie bar at CTI as well?

    Thanks :-)

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    There is soft serve at CTI and it's just as good as CSA. However, it is at the pool grill and available almost 24 hours a day with the exception of I think 6:00-10:00 in the evening when the grill is closed.

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    At CTI there is a soft serve ice cream machine at the pool grill. They also hace ice cream at lunch. It is self serve (not soft from the machine) and they have different toppings.

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    they have a cocanut ice cream at luch at CTI that is amazing.

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    Thanks Guys :-) Now I can see it in the pool grill panoramic....I'm obsessive compulsive I think.

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    Ok, so ice cream all the time, and I think I read somewhere and saw in a picture that there are nachos, too. Add to that the wonderful Jamaican food... I think we picked the right resort!! Just have to wait til February (and a few weeks of Minnesota winter...)

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    What about soft serve @ CSS.? Last time I was there in Dec, they no longer had that machine @ the beach grill. They did have ice cream on the room service menu and of course on the dessert menu for lunch and dinner

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    They have soft serve at the beach grill and the best ice cream is at the patio during lunch and dinner.
    Irie Mon

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