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    Just wondering how safe my personal belongings are on the beach at CN. Items such as camera, clothes (coverup), sandals, etc... I'm thinking, bring my camera to the beach take all the pictures I need, put it back in the room and then come back out for a swim?!?! Since it'll be just the two of us, is it safe to leave it on the lounge chair by the beach while we're taking a dip? Of course we would keep an eye on it but does either one of us need to be at the lounge chair guarding it?


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    It is prudent to be careful, but we've had our camera at the beach many times. We try to not leave it in the open (put it under a towel, in a bag, etc) and have never had issues.

    It is smart to watch your stuff, but the truth is the guardsmen on property are doing that for you. They constantly roam the beach and also radio from North, Central, and Southern beach posts about beachwalkers crossing on to and off of the property.

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    VERY safe. You've got security and people all around. It's not like a massive resort so I assure you if an employee or guest saw someone trying to take your items they would be caught in a second. No worries.

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    I always bring my beach bag and camera with me and when we go for a swim I put the camera in the bag and just throw the towel over it and leave it on the chair or under the chair. My clothes I leave on the chair. There are always people around and security. The only time I take my camera and bag is when we go to eat lunch. Have a great time.

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    We've left our Ipods and all other belongings with no problem. As stated before,just put them out of sight. You will love Couples

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