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    Default insurance with couples or airline or both???

    I read the thread about not traveling without insurance. I have a stupid question, What is the difference between the insurance that you get through the couples resort and the one offered through the airlines? If you miss a flight or a connection then, are you just out of the money if you dont get the insurance. I am not a seasoned traveler and have only been on a plane once when I was a kid. I have a child with a serious medical condition and I want to make sure that I understand. It is not even a question that I want to have the insurance but, need some answers. Thanks so much......155 days and counting.

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    You need to read the insurance contracts. You can buy insurance that covers only the room, only the airfare or both. You need to get insurance that covers both the hotel and airfare. You should get trip insurance that covers the entire trip, including a medical air transfer back to the states if needed. This can cost 10s of thousands of dollars.
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    for the most part the airline will offer you a travel voucher if for whatever reason you need to cancel, check directly with your carrier.
    Contact Couples direct for your trip insurance, ours was offered through our travel agent , we did not book direct with the resort, with our agent, if we need to cancel, we only get a travel voucher good for full amount minus $50.00 penalty, but we get no money back, we must re-book through them to use the voucher

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    We get the cancel for any reason insurance which covers both the hotel and plane. With the type of insurance we got, we can cancel and get all of our money back minus the cost of the insurance. We've had to use the insurance in the past to unexpectedly cancel trips and the insurance is well worth the cost.
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