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    Default CSS February 20, 2010

    Tracy and I are planning on our first visit to Couples to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Anyone else planning on visiting between the 20th and 27th?

    We have previously stayed at Grand Lido Braco but after our last visit and poor service I talked her into a change - hopefully CSS is worth the move.

    We have friends that are traveling with us - their first trip to an all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

    Mike & Tracy

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    Default Our first trip south!

    We are going to be at CSS from the 21st to the 28th of February. Our first trip "south" AND we have scheduled our wedding for the 23rd! Just the 2 of us, we can't wait!

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    Default CSS Late February

    We will be at CSS from 2/24 to 3/3. This is our first time to CSS and are really excited. We have been to the other three Couples, this completes the circle and we will start over next fall for our 3oth at CN. We will miss Kevin and Vickie's wedding by a day, but we'll buy you a drink when we get there!

    Lynn & Lois

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    Default Thanks!

    Hi Lynn & Lois
    It would be a pleasure to have a drink with you at CSS. Sorry you'll miss the wedding, it will be a quiet one, just the 2 of us. We can't wait!

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    Mike and Tracy, glad to hear you chose Couples for your 10th. You won't be disappointed if you are looking for a romantic stay. One word of caution though, once you've been to a Couples resort, you'll be spoiled. Our first trip to the Caribbean was for our 25th at Couples Negril. We have been hooked on Couples since then. We have been to the other three Couples and in February we will have been to all four. We have also been to the Riviera Maya Mexico and Punta Cana Dominican Republic. Those places are nice, but when we got home from those trips, we felt like we wasted our money. We made the decision to go only to Jamaica and only to a Couples Resort. We will celebrate our 30th next fall at Couples Negril where our love affair with Couples all started. Hope to see you at CSS.
    I will find a picture of Lois and I to post on this thread so you all know who to look for. We have done that in the past and met people from the message board at the resort. It's fun trying to recognize people from a picture! I'm easy to find, look for the old bald guy with white whiskers on my chin. Now all we have to do is get through a Michigan winter and we'll see you at CSS. Lynn

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    Default February 27 2010

    My husband and I are going to be at San Souci on February 27 thru March 6th. This will be our 2nd trip there. We have been to Tower Isle 6 times. Looking forward to seeing the reno. There are about 4 other couples that we will be meeting up with.

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    Default At CSS the same week!

    We will be there the same week to celebrate our 20th anniversary! From everything we've been reading, it looks like we picked the most romantic place on earth to celebrate our anniversaries. Hope to see you there and enjoy a toast to our good fortune!

    Tom and Jami

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    Default Kevin & Vickie

    Kevin and Vickie,

    I'm sure you will enjoy the island and resort.
    We will be at the resort to help you celebrate your marriage - I'll get the first round of drinks!
    Tracy and I are scheduled to renew our vows the day after your weddding. We were married in Jamaica at Grand Lido Negril in May 2000 and return every year. This will be our first trip to Couples Sans Souci but from what we hear it is a great resort.


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    Default Mike & Tracy

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tracy PA View Post
    Kevin and Vickie,

    I'm sure you will enjoy the island and resort.
    We will be at the resort to help you celebrate your marriage - I'll get the first round of drinks!
    Tracy and I are scheduled to renew our vows the day after your weddding. We were married in Jamaica at Grand Lido Negril in May 2000 and return every year. This will be our first trip to Couples Sans Souci but from what we hear it is a great resort.

    Hey folks, will be great to meet you and have a drink or two. We are getting all the arrangements made for our wedding and are counting the days until we go.

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    Default Feb 24th - Mar 3

    Hey there... we will also be there that week... flying in from NC. Our first visit to a Couples resort, our first visit to Jamaica, and our first all inclusive.... can't wait for some chilling out time! We sure need it....

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    MY husband and I will be there Feb 22-28. Our first time at an all-inclusive. We usually go on cruises, wanted to try something different. We are flying in from Maine. We will see you there.

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    Default 2/20/10 to 2/27/10

    Diane and I will be at CSS at the above dates. We have always done the GL's and last year did Braco and was slightly upset by the service and food. Years past it was always a pleasure. I hope CSS is as good as GLSS in its prime.
    Joe and Diane

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    Default Late February

    Hi there! First of all, out of curiosity, what is GL? I know I am showing ignorance but honestly I have no clue... this will be our first ever trip to Jamaica, first Couples resort, first all inclusive, etc. etc.... so anything you can tell us to help us make our trip the best it can be, well, please tell us!!!

    Where are you guys from? We are in the mountains of NC, freezing our butts off! High today is supposed to be a whopping 18!

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    We'll be there Feb. 24th - Mar 3rd. If this is a repeat visit for you, please share any information you can that will help us first timers... we are in our early 50's, live in northwestern NC, so on and so forth....

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    Oops - just saw that this was Mike & Tracy's first visit to SS. Sorry! But tenth anniversary visit! Congrats! We are celebrating our anniversary also....

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding at SS! I know it will be beautiful!
    This will be our first trip south as well... we have been on St. Thomas & St. Maarten but not Jamaica.... should be lovely especially all the brutal cold we've had here in NC mountains!

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    Hey L & L, You will be there the same time as we will... please do post a pix so we can look for you guys and we'll do likewise... this will be our first trip to Jamaica & our first Couples experience but from what we hear we'll be hooked! In fact, we are thinking ahead to Christmas this year.... what a way to celebrate the holiday!
    So, you guys are having it rough in Michigan also... the northwestern mountains of NC are having it rough also..... won't be out of the teens till after next week. Snow & ice appear to be here to stay!

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    Default Feb 21-28

    Hi everyone that has posted to this thread. We're here in Nova Scotia counting the days to our vacation and wedding. Thought we'd post a picture for those that will be there at the same time as us.
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    We will be there the 20th thru the 27th-second trip SS. Have been to CN 9 times and SA once. Any divers going to be there this week?

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    We'll be there 24th - March 3rd... since you are repeat couples at SS, any advice for us? We have reserved a beachfront suite... I think someone told us that is block A & B.... anything you can tell us ahead of time? thanks & Happy New Year again!!!!

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    Debbieleeh, We stayed in a beach front suite and loved it. The swim up bar is a good place to meet people if you want to, but be sure to check out all of the interesting nooks and crannies around the grounds. Try everything! Dunns River Falls is worth doing at least once. We are not big fans of the shopping trips, especially to the craft marts. We loved the horseback riding excursion on the beach through an old sugar plantation. It's an extra cost option, just ask at the tour desk and they can arrange it. Don't worry about age, we are in our fifties also and it has never been an issue at Couples. Be sure to sign up for Romance Rewards so you can visit CTI via the Trading Places program and to earn points for your next visit! We are looking forward to our trip to CSS but we will be back at CN in the fall.

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    Debbieleeh, sorry I haven't been on the board lately to welcome you aboard. Since we will be at CSS the same dates, later today when I have a few minutes, I'll post a picture of Lois and me. We are planning a motorcycle trip to NC for May to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe we'll run into you there also! I'll find a picutre that Lois approves of and post it. See you in 37 days.

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    This is Lois and me having dinner in Mexico last year. I am 51 and Lois will turn 50 in May. We are looking forward to meeting everyong and having a drink.
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    Hey there you guys! When did you say you are arriving? We'll actually be coming in on the 24th through the 3rd. Can't wait! Have you been to Sans Souci before? We are in a beachfront suite - how about you guys? Let me know anything you can about what to expect... thanks so much!!!!

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    Ok... my bad.... I just reread the thread and saw that this is your first time at SS but that you have been to other Couples resorts... so sorry... and I also noticed you will be there the same time as us.... goes to show you I am not very observant... Oh, we have a place right on the Blue Ridge Parkway so if you ride on the Parkway in northern NC then you will come our way for sure! We'll talk more when we meet at Couples... so what do you guys do? We are electrical contractors - small mom & pop business... five kids, five grandkids... one lhasa apso doggie who thinks she is a kid!

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