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    We are going to Couples Swept Away in April. I keep reading about Rum Cream. Is it a drink on its own, or do you mix it with other things to make a cocktail?

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    Rum Cream made by Sangsters is a cordial. It is like Baileys except made with rum of course.I drink it on the rocks or in my coffee or you can mix it to make great drinks like the Hummingbird. YUM!

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    I should add, there are a few different brands of rum cream. I think Sangsters is the best IMO.Wish I had some right now

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    If you're interested in tasting the different rums and rum creams, you might think about going on the Appleton Rum Plantation tour. It's included in one of the tour packages that the resorts offer (not one of the free tours). The tour was a lot of fun, very informative, and at the end, you get to sample all the rums -- unlimited samples!!
    Before we went on the tour, I thought the rum creams were made by different manufacturers -- turns out Appleton manufactures all of them! (at least all that I have sampled). Sangters and Wray & Nephew are both made by Appleton.

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    We like it over Blue Bell's Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream... Mmm Mmm Good!!!

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    I like it in my coffee! Or frozen like a mudslide. Yummy! They also sell different flavors of rum cream, like banana, coconut or coffee.
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    On ice

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