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    Default Scuba Diving And Certifying at Couples

    Hi Everyone! We will be returning home to CTI in December, freshly out of the NAUI Scuba Class. We would like to do our open water dives/Certification while on vacation. Questions are 1. Cost 2. NAUI referrals accepted 3. Equiptment 4. Contacting the dive guys ahead of time via e-mail possibility to set-up. And any other dive tips you might have. Thanks in advance!

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    I think the cost is about $250. They have new sherwood BC's and the diving's good. We were certified witH NAUI this summer and spent 2 weeks diving at CTI last month. Colin and Rasta were great. felt like Pro's after a few days. Have fun.

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    Not sure about CTI but at CN it was around $300 about.

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    At CSA they do PADI certification. You might want to check if NAUI works at CTI.

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    My understanding is that NAUI is international, and with a referral it will be fine. Hoping to hear from someone who has done this..

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    Anyone..Am hoping to get in touch with the dive master at CTI via e-mail.

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    Here are the requirements directly from the PADI instructor manual. I suggest you contact the instructor at CTI to insure all the referral paperwork and the timing is done correctly. Per this is looks like NAUI needs to complete your first OW dive to count as a referral - see point 6 below.

    Accepting Referral Students From Certification Organizations Other Than PADI
    You may complete training for referred
    entry-level students from certification
    organizations other than PADI by using
    the following procedures:
    1. The Teaching status PADI Instructor
    receiving the student:
    • Reviews the referral document
    to verify that the
    student has completed the
    knowledge and skill development
    portions of an
    entry-level scuba course.
    • Verifies that the student has
    completed a water skills
    assessment (at least a 200
    metre/yard swim or 300
    metre/yard mask, snorkel,
    and fin swim and a 10 minute
    • Verifies that the training
    completion date listed on
    the referral document is not
    older than 12 months.
    2. The student completes a PADI
    Medical Statement, Standard
    Safe Diving Practices Statement
    of Understanding, and
    Liability Release and Assumption
    of Risk Agreement.
    3. The receiving Teaching status
    PADI Instructor ensures that
    the student successfully completes
    the entire PADI Scuba
    Review program (refer to the
    Experience Programs Instructor Guide in this Manual)
    along with the PADI Open
    Water Diver Final Exam. Remediate
    the student’s knowledge
    and skills, as necessary, before any
    open water training occurs.
    4. Use the PADI Skill Evaluation
    to assess student skills.
    In addition to the skills listed
    on the PADI Skill Evaluation
    Grade Sheet, the student must
    also demonstrate mastery of
    the following skills:
    • Underwater swim without a
    • Air depletion exercise
    • Air depletion/Alternate Air
    Source (AAS) combined exercise
    5. A student referred from a
    certification organization
    other than PADI must complete
    Open Water Dives One
    and Two for Scuba Diver
    certification, or One through
    Four for Open Water Diver
    certification. For instructional
    consistency, it’s recommended that
    the receiving instructor/dive center
    conducting the preassessment and
    required remediation complete the
    open water training.
    6. Students may be referred any
    time between Open Water
    Dive 1 and Open Water Dive
    4. Issue a PADI Open Water
    Diver Referral Record, along
    with other referral documentation
    attached when referring
    students between open
    water dives. Preassessment
    and remediation, as necessary,
    is required before any
    open water training occurs.
    7. The Teaching status PADI
    Instructor who completes the
    final open water dive certifies
    the student. The certifying instructor
    submits a PADI Positive
    Identification Card (PIC)
    envelope to PADI for processing.
    The certifying instructor
    retains the student’s referral
    documents along with a
    signed Medical Statement,
    Standard Safe Diving Practices
    Statement of Understanding
    and Liability Release and
    Assumption of Risk Agreement

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    Islandbliss! CTI and CSA can deal with Naui Certification.

    They both have Naui instructors. Naui DOES NOT HAVE TO DO YOUR FIRST OW DIVE TO BE CLASSED as a Refferal.

    SEAN Paul is not understanding the Instructor manual correctly.

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    thanks! I caught the mistake after I posted, it refers to PADI referals. Glad to see there are NAUI instructors as well. Thanks for watching my posts so closely ;-) BTW, the Maldives were amazing!

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    Thanks for all your help, I have sent an e-mail to Collin ahead of time to see if i can arrange everything so there are no problems when we arrive.. I can't wait!

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    I'd like to contact the divemaster at CTI before we arrive. Would you kindly provide the e-mail address? Thanks!!

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    Does anyone know how far is an each lap on the swim test I have to pass?

    Is it 25 meters, 15 meters or 10 meters?

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    Default SSI Cerification

    My fiance and I will be at CTI in January for our honeymoon. I am certified with SSI (Scuba Schools International), but my fiance is not. I have a few questions.
    1- Is it worth bringing my own scuba equipment? Or maybe just fins and mask and snorkel?
    2- Do we need wetsuits?
    3- We are only there for a week, how much time will it take to get my fiance certified.
    4- Do I have to get a refresher course ( It will be about 8 months since my last dive)
    5- what kind of dive is included - My fiance does not want to do any really deep dive, maybe just a reef. or are there wrecks to see without too much depth
    6- Last question, I am certified for open water, can I get a nitrox certification while my fiance is getting open water certified?

    I cant wait for CTI (only 33 days to go)

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    1, its up to you, bring as much or as little as you want, most of the equipment was only a year or two old and in decent condition for rental. I bring fins mask and regs. they had sherwood stuff
    2, water is about 84-86, i wore a 3mm full but most everyone had just a shirt and bathing suit, my wife dove in a dive shirt and bathign suit and did get cold on the morning dives.
    3, your fiance can shorten her time by completeing the course work online before you go, check with the course work done she will have to do the skills and dives. if there is an instructor free for one on one this can be completed in as fast as one and 1/2 days, but it really depends on how well she graps the skills as they will not move on until a skill is mastered.
    4, bring your card and log book, usually 12 months is the cutoff for a refresher
    5, I can sppeak for CN, morning dives go as deep as 70 and afternoon dives are 55 or so
    6, i dont believe they offer nitrox, but im not sure
    have fun, we had a great week of dives last month.

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