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    Default What would you say is the average age of visitors at CSA?

    Hi! My soon-to-be husband and I are heading to CSA for our honeymoon (and first trip to Jamaica!) this May/June. We're on the youngish side (22 and 26) and I was just wondering if we're going to be out of place there...


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    Honestly... the average age at CSA is 19 - 75. We have seen honeymooners that are in their early 20's and couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. The age also depends on the week you go. When we have been there, I think the "average" is probably somewhere in the late 30's, however, you will not feel out of place at all.

    Besides -- don't you know that the date on your birth certificate is only a suggestion?? LOL.

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    My husband and I were at CSA for our first time this November. We discussed one night how nice it was to see all sorts of ages at CSA. I really don't believe there was more than one age group over the other. It was a perfect mix & we never felt out of place. BTW, we are both 35.

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    You will not be out of place at all! My husband Matt and I were there in July, I am 23 and he is 29. When we were at CSA there was a good variety of age groups but we saw a lot of people that were in their early 20's to mid 30's.

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    Thanks guys for the responses! I am glad to see people of all ages!
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    Hi w'ell be there in june.We are 37 and 38. I think you will see all ages. Younger couples there for wedding and honeymoon. And older couples celelrating milestone annisversary. And Everyone in between.

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    My wife and I are 40. WE just got back {middle nov}.Their were people from 21 to 80.A good mix of all ages.

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    Not one bit, you both will feel quite @ home! Terrific vibe all around....

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    Not at all, plenty of 20 somethings.

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    We went in June and I would say it was a mix from 20s to 50s. More older than younger but the younger crowds tend to be seen more at the bars and nightlife. 30s is probably a nice average age.

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    ME and my husband just went there this past August for our honeymoon. We had both just turned 26, we met alot of couples there our age. It seemed like most of the people there were in that range and on there honeymoon honestly. You will have a great time. Advice - take the cruise its fun, and check out Ricks cafe, and if you drink try the bob marley shot.

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    not at all! you'll love it.

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    At Couples...there is no age!! Only love

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