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    Default Please Post Resort Pictures

    I am trying to see some more pictures of each resort but ones taken by former guests... Thanks guys:-)

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    Well.. since my advice to you on another thread was to look at pictures of all the resorts to help you decide I guess I should post some of mine. Here's a link to my pictures on flickr. Theres a set from CSA,CSS, and COR(CTI before the remodel)I find its best to view each set as a slide show to get a better "feel" for the resort.

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    Heheee thank you... I have been scrolling through the boards and you find a picture here and there, but i figured this would be an easier way to try and get some pictures posted on one thread:-) Very much appreciated!

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    mshell, thanks for the link to your pics! We are planning a wedding for summer 2010 and are thinking about CSA. How long has it been since you have been there? Is the resort nice & clean? Does it seem old or dirty? Another post said something to that effect and totally freaked me out! Thanks!!!

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    May want to go to and pull up each individual resort and look at the traveller photo's, there are tons of pic's in there.

    Good Luck deciding!

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    Well, we have our 1st trip to CSA pictures online but not the 2nd. We will go back for our 3rd time next month!

    Here's some of our pictures of CSA from 2006

    Kevin & Angie

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    Check out the photo thread!! There are a TON of pictures on it of all the resorts

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    Have you tried trip advisor yet? They have over 1000 photo taken by quest. That where I went to look at " real " photos while tring to pick. And if you are going to read the reviews the one thing that I have noticed about the bad ones is : People did not do any research on CSA and where expecting a more "S" like resort. Or their TA gave them the worng info on rooms categories. And their are the people who just make things up. I love when couples responds to reviews both good and bad. Haven't found anyother resort who does this. Oh becareful I have found reading review to be very addictive. LOL CSA in 7 month 1 day 19 hours and 37 min.

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    Elizabeth&Scott~ I was at CSA last December and I honestly can't think of any part of the resort that could be described as dirty or old. Actually, our Atrium Suite had recently been remodeled so it was "newer" than on our previous trips. I"m going back in about 30 days and I don't for a minute doubt that its going to be just as amazing as it was the past 5 years. One of the only explanations I can come up with for the review you mentioned is that they were expecting a glitzy "Ritz" type resort.. Thats not what CSA is. If you look at the pictures and like what you see I can guarantee that you'll love CSA.

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    Here's some pictures of CTI (post remodeling) and CSS we took: Hope this helps out in your decision process!!

    Bart & Bug

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    See the folders:

    "Couples Negril--Jan 2006"
    "Couples Swept Away--May 2006"
    "Couples Ocho Rios--Jan 2007"
    "Couples Sans Souci--Dec 2007"
    "GL...Sans Souci--Jan 2001"
    "Gl...Sans Souci--Aug 2002"

    I have a whole bunch from CSS a few months ago, but I'm sadly behind in uploading them (& several other trips too) !! Soon come, mon !!


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    As stated by others, read carefully on trip advisor, some people just cannot or refuse to be pleased. CSA does not claim to be a 5 star hotel, it is a beach resort and you will love it.

    Here is a hint though since sounds like your first time in the tropics, take it very easy on drinks made with coconut milk (pina coladas and such)
    Coconut milk is a very strong natural laxative, most people do not want to spend their honeymoon with severe case of the "squirts"

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    Hahaaaaa blueseagolf thank you for you advice! Thank god I am a beer drinker, lol.

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