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    Default zip linning from CSA

    I know this has been asked before so sorry for the repeat. I am interested in taking a zip linning tour. Can anyone give me any info. I am wondering where we can do it and the cost. I would love to surprise my hubby with something fun. Thanks everyone

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    Check this link out:

    We did this on in May and it was great! Lots of fun and this was a much better deal that booking with Chukka directly.

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    My husband and I booked the Chukka tour directly from the tour desk at CN -- very convenient. The tour was just outside of Montego Bay, so anticipate a 1.5 trip back and forth -- BUT, it was sooo worth it. It was amazing fun!

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    Check out YS Falls in Negril, you can zip line over the falls there (fairly inexpensively) and it looks pretty amazing!!! We are heading back home (CN) in 18 more days for our 6th visit and our planning on checking it out ourselves!! Enjoy!

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