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    Default Airport to Resort Transfers (CN)

    We have never booked our flight and hotel separately before. We have always done the package vacation thing.

    If you book them separately, are the transfers to and from the hotel still included? If not, how much would the transfers be and how are they arranged? What is the best way to travel and what company is safe and reliable. (Can't afford the Tim Air option)

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    No matter how you book your trip, transfers are included. After you clear immigration and customs, proceed to the Couples Lounge (small airport; you won't miss it). Just make sure you provide Couples with your flight number (either call the 1-800 number or send an e-mail). Your name will be placed on a list of guests scheduled for arrival that day.

    When you arrive at the Couples Lounge, you simply check in with a staff member at the desk, and you will then be invited to enjoy a cold Red Stripe while you wait for a shuttle. The staff member who checked you in will contact the resort to inform the staff there that you are en route.
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    Default Call couples with flight information

    My husband and I booked through a travel agent (Delta Vacations package) and arrive next Sunday. I called Couples just to confirm that they had our flight information/arrival time and they did not.
    I am confident that we still would have gotten to the resort either way, but I am sure it helps everyone involved if they have the flight number and arrival time. Better to be safe than sorry!
    Couples 1-800-2687537

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    Thanks for the quick reply and information Pam and Jay.

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