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Thread: Coca Cola?

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    Default Coca Cola?

    When we went to CN they did not carry Coke. Does anybody know if CSS does? I did walk across the street to a store at CN and buy a coke or two.

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    When we were there last April, you could get Coke. It was strange, some blocks got Coke and others got Pepsi. We were in A block and got Coke. My wife prefers Pepsi products, she mentioned it to our bar stocker and magically it appeared. Gotta love the Couples staff!

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    Not sure about CSS but I know CTI is Pepsi. I figure they are all Pepsi. Do you do the rewards check in? If you stock your bar it usually says there what kind of Pop/Soda.

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    While you're in Jamaica - try something only found there - Pepsi Ginger! Was delicious...

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    Csa had Coke products 😉

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    CN will bring Coke to your minibar. Just circle Coke on the request card where it says "Coke/Pepsi". It's been like that for years. If you don't circle Coke, you' get Pepsi. No Coke in the bars or restaurants though.
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    We bring a 6 pack of Diet Mtn Dew and Diet Dr Pepper with us when we travel. There are also a couple gas stations close that you can either walk to or take a taxi.

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