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    Default WooHoo!! Wedding Booked & Planned!!

    Okay, so Debbie the Couples Wedding planner is awesome!!
    We finally figured it all out and booked.
    June 4th, 2010
    4pm beach ceremony
    Webcast so that friends & family who can't make the trip can watch at home!! Much comfort and worth the extra $$$ for my parent's who are older and unable to travel.
    10-20 adults. 4 who will be staying off resort and we will purchase half day passes for them which is 8 hrs from 3pm-11pm.
    2 hour cocktail reception in the gardens with open bar, bartender, hot & cold appetizers, steel drums!!
    We had wanted a private dinner but becuase it's Friday & Couples has the weekly beach party they don't do the private dinners. However, we can all join in the beach party and they will reserve tables for us!! Plus we will have our 2 hour reception for everyone. The beach party will be fun and they have music, entertainment, games, full buffet dinner & drinks!!
    What do you all think????
    Good vs bad???
    Would love your ideas!!

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    That sounds wonderful! I am getting married June 5, 2010 at CTI. Which resort are you going to?

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    You will enjoy Couples. You made a good choice. There were some webcast on the "old" message board if you want to view a few. We had a ceremony in June. We stayed at CN. The beach party was rained out but it was still a blast. So I know with good weather it will be awesome. The beach bonfire was truly awesome. The pictures I took did not come out really clear therefore I cannot post any. I do have great photos from our ceremony because they were taken by a professional (Diana). Any questions you have email me

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    Could you post some of your pics from Diana? I'm using her for my wedding in June at CSA.

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    I'm getting married Friday June 18th at 3:00. That is exactly what I want to do as well. Have you already made the arrangments for the cocktail party with Debbie? I thought the beach party might be a fun thing for my guests since we aren't going to do a reception.

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    I have to agree with Donna and Jason, the best decision I made was hiring the professional photographer Diana. Her and her son made my wedding. Plus we had so many pictures and we had her record it to on a dvd to bring back to show everyone plus of a keep sake. Here is the link to the video and I have posted pictures under her name if you would like to take a look. If you have any questions feel free to let me know, I would be happy to help.


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    Default ?

    How did you get all of that figured out so quickly? I emailed Debbie with just a few questions and I haven't gotten any response. Please get back to me at, I appreciate it! Have you seen any pics of the arches or upgrades? There are some online, but it doesn't look like they are the swept away ones.

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    Ms. Wed-Ting Guest


    HI Nikki,
    I do apologize, I've searched for your email and I can't seem to locate it. Please either call me at the number below or resend your email and I'll be happy to answer you immediately.

    1-800-268-7537 ext 5 or email,

    Thanks Nikki.


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    Default email

    I sent you another email today with my questions I hope you received it. If not could you just email me at answering my questions below? Thanks!

    I definitely want to reserve our spot for the ceremony on the beach. What will be included in that, since we only have two other people coming with us? Do you have pictures of the arches and upgrades? I know there are pictures online, but not much for swept away. Also, is there a menu for hot and cold appetizers? We will most likely go with hot apps for the 4 of us. Please get back to me when you get a free minute.

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    Carleigh! Great photos and great video- thanks so much for posting and sharing!

    Did the minister have you & Adam say the marriage vows to each other ( love and to cherish)? Maybe I missed it? It seemed that he blessed the rings, you exchanged the rings, and then you were married? I'm getting married in 2010 and hope that the ceremony will include the vows.

    And I loved your bouquet- was it all orchids? And did you get the fresh orchids for your hair- are they the "loose flowers" that cost $12 each?

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