Okay, so Debbie the Couples Wedding planner is awesome!!
We finally figured it all out and booked.
June 4th, 2010
4pm beach ceremony
Webcast so that friends & family who can't make the trip can watch at home!! Much comfort and worth the extra $$$ for my parent's who are older and unable to travel.
10-20 adults. 4 who will be staying off resort and we will purchase half day passes for them which is 8 hrs from 3pm-11pm.
2 hour cocktail reception in the gardens with open bar, bartender, hot & cold appetizers, steel drums!!
We had wanted a private dinner but becuase it's Friday & Couples has the weekly beach party they don't do the private dinners. However, we can all join in the beach party and they will reserve tables for us!! Plus we will have our 2 hour reception for everyone. The beach party will be fun and they have music, entertainment, games, full buffet dinner & drinks!!
What do you all think????
Good vs bad???
Would love your ideas!!