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    Default CTI Review, detailed

    CTI review for Oct.6 thru 13th.

    Background: Have been to CN twice and CSS twice. This was our first time to CTI.

    Check in: Smooth and easy.

    Room:Ocean Junior suite Rm2207, I thought all of those rooms were in the main building with an elevator, not so, our room was in the "new buiding". 34 stairs became exhausting since I like to go back and forth to the room often. Of course we could have asked for a room change, but my husband liked the view so we stayed. The bed was very nice,comfortable. bathroom was very nice except we could not locate the fan/exhaust. But, that was not a big deal. fridge/mini bar was good, balcony was very good with a little bed, very nice. Iron and ironing board were very good(real size iron that works).Overall the room was very nice, spacious,good view.

    Water issues: After 12 hour of travel on our first night, we had no hot water, not even warm water. We were assured 3 times that it would be back on but, unfortunately it was not, we were offered another room if we had a "water emergency" which it was not an emergency, so my husband slept on the couch and I slept outside on the little bed, since we felt to dirty to get into bed. On day 4, lost hot water in middle of morning shower, thankfully it was near the end and I was able to finish quick with cold water. On day 5 we had no water at all, we had dinner reservations, we were dirty from the beach and had no water at all. After the 2nd call that day about the water we were told that it was an electrical problem from a storm. Thankfully the water came back on and we made it to dinner in time.

    Food: Very good. Loved breakfast thought it had unique things, in fact, there was a lot of regular things you would normally find and I was pleased with a lot of creative and unusual twists on things. Which I thought was great since I love to try new things. and that was at all the restaurants.

    Housekeeping: Overall was good, except one day the room was not done till after 4:30 PM.

    Bathrobes: "not available" They were supposed to be available in our room grade although unfortunately they ran out. This is only a problem for me since I like it warmer, and my husband likes the A/C so I depend on the bathrobe.

    Tower Island: The view was spectacular. The pool is very tiny. The ride over in the boat was less than easy for me at least. Now the flag was yellow most of our stay except for when it was red and we could not go over. So the waves were choppy. I got my foot and ankle crushed as the boat slammd into it as I was climbing the stairs to the pier. This was mostly my miscalculation, my only advice is to always put your foot on the first or second step, never the 3rd.

    Drinks: My husband was delighted with miller light in the can. I thought the mixed drinks were extremly good, I never had a better rum punch anywhere.

    Service: exceptional, staff was very good.

    Check out: Smooth and easy

    Conclusion: The resort has a very contemporary decor, yet mixed with history. I will not compare and contrast the 3 resorts that we have been to now, they are all very different from eachother,each with their own positives and negatives.We are glad we went, we had a great time fishing and we went on the Bob Marley tour which was one of the highlights of my whole life. Although CTI is not for us, I can understand the reasons others call it home. Our home definately lies down the block at CSS,yet with occasional trips back to CN for that amazing beach.

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    Thanks for the detailed review, much appreciated.

    Can't remember, but not too far back someone else had hot water and even toilet issues. Don't recall if it was at CTI or another resort or when this occurred. Randymon later jumped in the thread to explain it was a water main issue that had since been repaired, so it's possible, assuming it's the same resort and the same time period, that you experienced a similar problem. Unfortunately, I can only go by my feeble memory, as shortly after Randymon explained the issue, the thread mysteriously vanished.

    All I can say is after a $30M refurbishment, for these kind of problems to occur so soon, not sure how well Couples spent its investment.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Thanks so much for your review, we leave in 71 days and I can say this for sure, I will be VERY upset if we experience the water issues you had. I hate having to take a cold shower, and the thought of NO shower is even worse!!!

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    FWIW, we were there 10-18 and had no wata (LOL) issues. Is that suite in the new wing?

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    We certainly hope the water issues are fixed as well, since we'll be there tomorrow afternoon!
    Janice and Keith in FL

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    Thanks for the TR and sorry about your water issues. Can you detail the fishing part please? Who you used, how much you paid, and most of all what if anything you caught? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janicek View Post
    We certainly hope the water issues are fixed as well, since we'll be there tomorrow afternoon!

    Lucky You!!!!! Have a great time!
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    Thanks for the TR and sorry about your water issues. Can you detail the fishing part please? Who you used, how much you paid, and most of all what if anything you caught? Thanks in advance.

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    just trying to get my head around spending $$$ to go to a upscale resort which has daily maid service and sleeping on a couch ... sounds like my college days ... Nice review sorry you didnt have water

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    Default no water or toilet issues here

    We stayed at CTI this past August for two weeks and didn't have any water issues at all - actually no issues at all with the water or service. We were in Bldg 4 though. we had friends stay in Bldg 2 and they didn't experience any issues so it was probably just one of those things that can happen to any of us with our own homes. Heck, my parent' hot water heater worked great one day and then next day, barely a trickle.

    Sorry you had that experience with the hot water.

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    Oh dear, thanks for the review... However, I am going to be more than disappointed if any of that happens when I am there in March... yikes... that wouldn't be a great 4000+$ wedding/honeymoon...
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Default Fishing at CTI

    We are also interested in your fishing trip at CTI. Can you please tell us a bit about it?

    Thank you

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    We had no issues with hot water in July.
    Irie Mon

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    So sorry to hear about your water issues!!! We know what you experienced first hand!!! We were there in July and stayed in the main building and had very little water did not get above luke warm. I wasn't please either to say the very least.

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    We were there the last of October and had sink and shower drain issues along with no water 3 times over the course of the week. Needless to say I wasn't very pleased!!!

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    Default TI Review

    thanks for thr review. We will be there in December.....hope the water issues are solved. I have a question for anyone out there there currently a new updated map of the rooms at TI and thier location? Can't seem to get this! Any help on this isuue would be appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear about your water issues, both in the room and around the island. My husband and I have been to CTI 7 times (our 8th next Feb.) and haven't ever had any problems that were not addressed. You just have to have that "no problem" mindset. When in doubt, take a breath...

    As for the rest of the posts with folks worrying about what will heppen when they get there, just remember that your reality follows your thoughts, so think good thoughts. See yourself where you want to be, on a beautiful beach, in the sun, smiling, with your favorite drink, or whatever. You can make it happen.

    Never hesitate to ask the staff for help with anything. If you ask nice, you'll be treated nice back. Pretty simple.

    Keep smiling, and BE HAPPY !

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    If this happens again, you should go to the Spa and use their showers. Not ideal, I know, but better than sleeping on the couch!!!! (And the showers are WONDERFUL at the Spa).

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    Sorry about taking so long to respond. But we stayed in the "new building" is what it was called. in an ocean junior suite.
    I remember once in CN we had only warm water and with low pressure on some of the days and it was always around dinner time, but I think that has been resolved.
    I think what was most difficult about this situation was that you were left wondering "hmmm I hope we have hot water" that put a damper on things, and really all said we had a good time. The food was exceptional, the service was excellant. Drinks were wonderful.
    Oh, about the fishing, We made reservations at the tour desk. And went out on the "The Whaler One" I believe it was Captain Speedy that picked us up and we had a great time.
    I had the best time fishing and I really do not like it, I just go for my husband. It was deep sea fishing, 4 hours and I think it was $130 or $150 per person, but I could be wrong about that. One other person went with us. So it depends on how many are fishing.
    I believe the man we were fishing with caught a baracuda. Last time my husband got a mai mahi(sp?) fish which was nice.
    good idea about the spa shower, I wish I had thought of it, or it was offered.

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