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    Just wondering if people bring their own mugs for drinks at CSA? I've stayed at other all inclusives in Mexico that I have brought my own because the cups are so tiny?

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    You are actually not allowed to bring your own mug. This is from the FAW section of the website:

    Should we bring large insulated mugs?
    Drinks are to be served in glasses or cups provided by Couples Resorts (Management on October 12, 2004 restated this policy). The glasses at the bars are standard size that you would get in the States.

    However, you can bring a water bottle or mug to use for ice water on the beach. No worries, mon! Your drink won't ever run dry from the bar!
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    I brought a sigg for water, but other than that, the bars require you to use their glasses.

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    Thanks for the info. I'm getting married there in June, and was going to put cups in my gift bags for my guests.

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    Bring a beer can cozy. They fit on the glasses and keep your drink cold.

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    We bring a couple of small size (12 oz.) insulated mugs to use on the beach. While the bar tenders will not mix or serve a drink in your mug, there is no problem with pouring it from their glass into your mug after being served. Keeps those pina coladas nice and cold.

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    Funny, my drinks never stayed in the glass long enough to get warm...

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