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    Default First Timer July 2010

    Going to CN for the first time week of July 18th 2010. Cant wait, I've been reading the reviews on here and can't get enough. Debating on the AN beach at CN. We have never done the AN experience and I'm really looking forward to it. Is the AN beach at CN a good place to start or should we be going to the Tower Isle??? If any first time AN's are out there and have any suggestions on CN or Tower Isle please help me out. Counting down the days

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    CN is a great place to start! Start back next to the back hedge and sit there for a while. If the spirit moves, you may want to go into the hot tub or even walk up front and into the ocean. They have a great swimming area. If not, stay where you are and enjoy the sun and freedom. There are a lot of trees in the area to help hide you from the others if you're modest.

    It didn't take us very long to become comfortable and walk into the ocean. The last time we went to CN, we brought our own snorkel equipment and went snorkeling in the nude area. There wasn’t anything to see but sand, but it was a blast swimming around holding hands au natural!
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