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    Default Travel Insurance vs. None

    My husband and I are leaving in 42 days and are having a hard time deciding if we should get travel insurance or not? We were curious of opinions on the insurance and what other's of you do that have been there before typically do?

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    Travel insurance is simply that. A policy that protects your vacation travel from any unforseen events.

    You have just spent a few $$$$ for a vacation. The extra $$$ for insurance gives you peace of mind that you won't loose in the event of something happening forcing you to cancel your plans.

    It's a peace of mind expense.

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    I find the peace of mind for the added protection from unforseen calamities to be worth the extra bucks. But that's just me. Your mileage may vary.

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    You might not be able to buy any insurance now that the reservation is booked. I think you have to purchase the insurance within 48 hours of booking the reservation, but if you can still get it GET IT! It is well worth the extra money.
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    I always hope I have wasted my money on travel insurance. All insurance is expensive but becomes great value when you claim on it!!

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    We always buy it! It's a small price to pay for a vacation saver. Couples is only $158 total and is definitely worth it if you need it. We have only used it once in our 9 trips, and that was to cancel and rebook to get a better special deal.
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