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    Default Enough Wind for Hobie Cats??

    My husband and I LOVE to take the Hobie Cats out when in Mexico, but notice that the water seems quite calm in Negril. Are we going to be out-of-luck to go sailing?

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    Nope! Usually in the morning the water is like glass, which is when most of us take pictures! But by the afternoon there will be a nice breeze to get a Hobie Cat going. Have fun!
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    We got stuck out in the middle of the bay once but they keep a close eye on you and help arrived. We sat out there about 30 minutes. But we enjoyed it just the same.

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    How far can you take the Hobi Cats from CSA? Where are some fun places to sail to?

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    GPOOL -

    The watersports crew asks that you remain within sight of the resort. This still gives you quite a bit of latitude in Long Bay.

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    normally after 11 am negril winds will pick up ore so on long bay then bloody bay. Depending on when you go there should be plenty of wind ot get you where you want to go. As far as places to sail i believe Cuba is something like 90 miles a way so you may want to consider taking a few rolls from breakfast and a few cans of caribe from the mini bar

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