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    Default CTI Wifi Room question

    Hello all, I am going to CTI for the first time with my wife on 11/17. I'd like to put a request in for a room that gets a wifi signal (even if it is extremely slow). Does any body know of any specific rooms or areas that have wifi?

    Thanks in advance!


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    We were in a one bedroom suite block 3(main building)216 and have wifi the whole time. wee took our netbook and keep it on all the time.

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    You might get lucky in a room on the 2nd floor right over the lobby but the WiFi at CTI doesn't reach out much beyond the lobby. They have a room with about a dozen easily accessible PC's and a very fast connection near the main pool and the grill. There is always a PC available. If you can leave the laptop at home it's your best bet. If you must use your own computer you'll probably be confined to the area in the vicinity of the lobby.

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