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    Default CTI shuttle back to the airport

    I have been told that the shuttles from Negril back to the Montego Bay airport are leaving three hours prior to flight departure time due to traffic delays outside of Montego Bay. Are the shuttles from CTI doing the same thing now?

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    The goal for the bus is to have you at the airport 2.5 to 3 hours before you flight. The buses in Negril are leaving earlier due to the traffic delay due to construction.

    The buses from CTI/CSS do not have the traffic delay due to construction.
    For a 12:30pm flight the bus leaves CTI at 8:15, then goes to CSS and then to the airport. They may stop for a beer and jerk on the way.

    The airport is a slow process of waiting in line to check in, then a line for customs and then a line for security. Then it is time to go shopping for your rum and stuff and to eat. Not a lot of time left over.
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    Default Shuttle Time to Airport

    When we were at CN in Nov, we had to have our bags outside at 7:15 a.m. (not a fan of leaving my bags unattended esp in a foreign country) and the bus for the airport left at 8:15 a.m. Our flight was at 1:40 p.m. We were left standing with our bags at the airport for over an hour before the USAIR counter opened. We were at the airport four hours prior to take off. The wait stunk but the shopping at the airport is OK, expensive compared to the CN gift shop, though.

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    How long are the shuttles taking now? I guess the standard non-construction travel time is about 1.5 hours. Does anyone know if the construction will be continuing through first of June?

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    Having to leave 5 hours and 20 minutes before your flight
    seems excessive. Is that the normal departure time now
    for Negril? In past trips there it's always been 4 hours.
    Now I'm thinking...Timair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edsjen View Post
    Having to leave 5 hours and 20 minutes before your flight
    seems excessive. Is that the normal departure time now
    for Negril? In past trips there it's always been 4 hours.
    Now I'm thinking...Timair.
    3 hours before internaitional flight
    1.5 hours for drive
    .5 hours added for new constrution new mo bay
    I guess you can always politely decline and take a later shuttle.

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    Default Shuttle back to airport

    We have stayed at CN and CSA and have had to leave for the airport well in advance. This year we are staying at CTI and expect to leave even earlier buy that is okay. Please remember that you are not the only couple catching a flight and the Resort is resposible for getting you the the airport on time. Think about the WONDERFUL vacation you had or going to have and not focus on the negative. Couples plans everything so you have no worries.

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    We had a 12:57 pm flight last March when we left CN. We had to put our bags outside our door at 8:15 am. The van left the resort at 9:15 am (3 hours, 42 minutes before our flight). It took an hour and a half to get to the airport due to traffic in Montego Bay (that brings us to 10:45 am). We stood in a long line for over an hour just to get to the ticket counter to check in (now it is after 11:45 am). We got checked in and waited for only about a half an hour before we boarded the plane. So, leaving 4 hours before your flight may be cutting it close.
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    Yes, they usually do make you leave (4) hours prior to your flight, that is why we like to schedule the latest flight out of Mobay.

    If you fly on the w/e and depending upon your carrier the lines (check-in/security) at the airport can be horrible.

    We usually travel on Tue or Wed and the lines and traffic are not as bad.

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    When we left CTI in late November 09 we had a 5:50pm flight and they made us take the 1:15pm shuttle. We sat at the airport bored out of our minds for 3.5 hours. We even asked the front desk if it would be possible to take a later shuttle and they said no (not even if we signed waivers).

    Two years ago when we stayed at CSS they wanted us to do the same thing but let us sign a waiver saying it wasn't their fault if we missed the flight...and they had a private shuttle take us to the airport at the time we requested. One more reason we liked CSS better than seemed like they tried harder to put a smile on your face (but we still enjoyed CTI...just not as much).

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    When we left from CTI in mid Nov (4 hours before our flight) I thought that was CRAZY. But it took 1.5 hours to get to MBJ, 1 hour to checkin and 45 mins to go through customs, which left us 45 mins to get our Rum cream, a quick bite to eat and a rest room break before boarding our plane... NOT enough time!!!

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    We flew back on Saturday. Our flight departed at 12:30pm and the shuttle left CSS at 8:30am. It took approximately 90 minutes for the journey to MBJ, with no major traffic delays.

    At the airport, we walked straight up to the Delta desk, printed our boarding passes, handed over our luggage and were on our way in less than 5 minutes. Same again going through security. I was amazed at how quick and efficient it was compared to previous years.

    Although I would rather have had another hour at the resort, having once missed a flight, I'd rather be early and endure that longer wait at the airport as you never know what to expect when you get there.

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