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    We'll be at CTI March 7-14, just at the time we cannot take another winter day! This is our 3rd time to Jamaica, once to CN, another to a smaller private AI. The pictures of CTI's pool and beach areas show very little shade areas. Will we find some shady areas, or have umbrellas available? We Pennsylvanians burn easliy in the Jamaican sun, and know to bring our sunscreen!

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    Hi being from MA I have the same issue. I believe There are shaded areas on the beach, It has two years since we have been home and most of our time was spent Scuba diving. One thing my husband and I always do is start tanning at a local salon about three months before we go. We have seen so many people there in so much pain or get sun poisoning while there I think that will be your best bet.

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    There is plenty of shade at CTI! No worries! There are palm trees on the beach, as well as some other shady areas near the pools. But use lots of sunscreen too because you can still burn in the shade! Have fun! You will LOVE CTI!!!
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    There is plenty of shade, although umbrellas are not shown. If you remember to put on your sunscreen, you should be husband and I are Pennsylvanians....and we didn't get sunburnt. =)

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    There are trees on the beach which give plenty of shade. There is also some shade around the pool with the swim up bar.

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    There is plenty of shade during the day. It is provided by Mother Nature on the beach with the large palms, there are also large palms providing some shade at the Swim up bar pool. If you want shade at the main pool sit on the side near the new building. There are no umbrellas available, or at least there weren't when we went in July.

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    Lots of shade on the beach and around the main pool. No worries.

    Irie Mon

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    We only went to CTI on a trading spaces day, so probably didn't see all of the resort. However, we found the shade areas on the beach to be lacking, at least in the early part of the day, and the beach pool to have very few umbrellas. We did spend the majority of our time on the island, and there was plenty of shade as it wasn't too crowded that day (there were many couples who traded to CSS that day). If you want to lay out topless, you have to go to the end of the pier, and there is absolutely no shade there.

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