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    Default Verandah Suite Room Question

    I understand the Verandah Suite rooms don't open to a hallway like the rooms at the GreatHouse. If you get one of the Verandah Suites that is not on the 1st floor, where would you exit your room if it's not a hallway? I hope that isn't a stupid question.

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    They are like apartment buildings. Four units on each of three floors. You walk behind the building to access the rooms. First floor rooms have the entry door right there, but you have to go up....and two of the bottom rooms share an open staircase to the second and third get to the 2nd and 3rd floors. It is kind of like balconies with two doors that are rooms.

    You will love these rooms. Go for a third floor corner room. These are more private, some have better views, and it's open on two sides (possibly two great views). We loved having our continental breakfast and Blue Mountain coffee out there every morning as we watched the sea and morning activities. My husband always took naps out there in the afternoons and in the evening having cocktails out there was cool.

    No question is stupid, by the way.

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    Not a stupid question! They are more like little cabanas with the doors opening to the outside. I've attached a picture of the Beachfront Verandah building that was in front of ours (we stayed in an ocean verandah and loved it!) so you can see what the doors look like. It's not the best picture but on the right, you can see the wooden staircase that is on the back of the building.
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    Thanks ladies for answering my question. The picture really helped also.

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