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    Default The Palms refreshed

    here are some pictures of the changes at the Palms from the remodeling.Attachment 2918

    Attachment 2919

    Attachment 2920

    Attachment 2921

    Attachment 2922
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    Must be me, but I do not notice any differences.

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    We were thinking the exact same thing (except for the buffet service area).

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    Thanks! I've been wondering. So it is a refresh and not a re-do. Looks good.

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    We didn't notice anything different-I am guessing it was just a speuce up.

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    Looks nice and we will enjoy it in about two weeks.This trip will be our first to couples.

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    Looks like the same ole Palms to me... and that's not a bad thing. The old girl needed a tune up, not a facelift.

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    you are correct. other than the buffet serving area being updated the other changes were fresh paint and new lighting around the bar area in the ceiling. the omelette stations are now mid buffet instead of on the end and can cause some backup as folks have been learning it.

    the staff really like the new omelette stations. four large working burners make things a lot better for them.


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    Looks as lovely as it did when we saw it last time. Maybe someone who was just there can tell us what exactly was done????

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    Looks like the tile on the buffet is new as is the buffet layout. Guess we'll have to see for ourselves next month.

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