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    Default Ivan Islanders/Sept 2010

    Scott & I are booked for next year!! This will be our 10th year! So to do something special we are splitting the 9 nights...CTI 9/12 - 9/16 then off to CSS until 9/21. Miss everyone and hope you are doing well!
    Love, Kim

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    That's cool Danny and I were there during the Ivan Ilander's visit this year and we were make welcome by the group and enjoyed meeting everyone. We've booked for CTI for next year also we arrive on 9/9 thru 9/18. Hopefully, we'll see you there. It's cool that you are splitting the trip I think Debbie and Paul are doing something similar - maybe next year for my 30th Wedding Anniversary I can get Danny to take in 2 resorts in one trip my plan is to make next year a big one with hopefully 12-14 days in paradise. Hope to see you on the Island.

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    Hi Kim

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    Oops, sorry Kim computer problem. Hi again and it was nice to meet you and all the other Ivan Islanders last Sept. We had a "GREAT" time. That was our 3rd time at CTI and congrats. to you going your 10th time. We are planning on going again but not knowing when due to the fact we are building a new house. If it all works out, maybe we'll see you in Sept. Take care.

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    Cuse,---- Pat and I will be at CTI Jan 16 thru 23, 2010.

    Ed and Pat from Tully

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    Hi rosco. Have you been to CTI before? I can't believe someone on the boards lives so close to us.

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    Nope this will be our first Couples trip!!

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    Hi rosco. You're going to love CTI. Do the Falls,horseback riding,etc. Island too. Wish we were going too but we are 1 month away from moving into our new built house. Maybe we will go in Sept. like we have the last 3 times. Please say "hi" to everyone especially to Byron. Tell him R&R said hi. If you have any questions about CTI or anything else, let me know. Enjoy

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    Kim your going to cry when you leave for the other resort. We know how you are. If some of us are still at TI you will be making day visits Or we will have to head your way. Cross our fingers Scott finds a job and we can go this year.

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    Hey Jess~don't you worry about me crying...just get your butts to Jamaica this year!!! If the concensus is to stay at CTI, we'll stay at CTI...or CSS...doesn't matter where, just as long as we're all together Brent & Jean, do you think you could make CSS?

    Hey Ralph and Roberta, how is the new home coming along? Did you decide about September yet?

    Hope everyone is doing well and having a better 2010!

    Love, Kim

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    Hi Kim. Our new house is done just waiting on our closeing date. Should be this week hopefully. Still have September on our list for trip #4 but nothing final yet. Wish we could book. Miss CTI and everyone we met. Hope to see you and Scott soon. It doesn't seem like there are alot of couples going in Sept. or that they are not on the MB. Ralphie

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    Dear Children,

    Cynthia and I have booked CTI from the Sept 9th -21st. You know us we're very flexible. We could maybe be convinced to go to CSS for a few days. We actuall were there as part of our Feb trip on one day because TI was closed because of rough seas. It was like a reunion. A number of Islanders had split their vacations between CTI and CSS. Janeal was at the bar along with Damion from CTI (because we had so many au natural people going over). The two best bartenders in Jamaica.

    You guys need to check out our post on the au natural board about 3 man. See what you all started.......

    Fred and Cynthia

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    Hi Sept. crew. We finally had our closeing on our new house last Wed. Now to buy some new items. Trip #4 is still on our list IF any $$$$ is left. Donations excepted. Thanks

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    Hey all! My husband Ryan and I (Amy) got married 09.09.09 and stayed at CTI where we met some of the Ivan Islanders *waving to Fred and Cynthia*!
    We are trying to plan a trip back either this Sept or we may wait until Dec (I may be going back to school for a second bachelor's so we have to wait to hear on that). I cannot wait! I didn't think we'd be able to go back so soon but things have really been going our way lately!

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    Default Can't wait

    Hey All,

    So we missed you all SOOOOOO much last year that we are DEFINITELY coming in September and are going to try to stay 10 days instead of a week!!! We are VERY excited!!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone again AND I know that myself, Kim, Scott and my hubby Will be all looking fit and trim since we are all doing the same nutrition cleansing and weight loss program!!! Will, already lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks (and counting), Kim down 10 lbs and 11 days (and counting) and the list goes on!!!!

    Who's next????????????


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    Hi Kim&Scott,Fred&Cynthia and the rest of the Sept. crew. Sadly to say that our trip back "home" this Sept. is off till Sept. 2011. We are enjoying our new house very much. As you all know, a new house still needs things like gutters, shed, driveway etc. Hope to see you all in 2011 and have a GREAT time this year. Keep in touch as I read the MB often.

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    Hey Monifa, which cleansing program are you on?

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    Hey Mo & Will....update: total 12 lbs and 20.5 inches to date!! Scott's down 5 lbs and 10.5 inches after 5 days!! Can't wait to see you guys

    Ralph & Roberta, congrats on the new home! We will miss you but will definitely see you in 2011!

    We are no longer doing the split...will be at CTI the whole 10 days. However, if Bobbi & Joe have anything to do with it, it'll be 12 days! Still waiting and hoping for the rest of you to join us!

    As always~love & prayers to Brent & Jean


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    Hi Everyone

    Rick and Theresa we will see you on the 7th.

    Monif it was great talking to you the other night at Scott and Kim's. What are your dates?

    Joe, Bobbi, Scott and Kim you have to extend your trip a few more days.

    Fred and Cynthia we will see you on the 9th?

    Mike and Jane will you be coming and what are your dates?

    Dave and Sue hope you both will be joining us this year and if so, what are your dates?

    Hopefully we will see many of our other great friends and too many to mention.

    Hi Brent and Jean - hope all is well!

    Take Care
    Paul and Debbie

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    120 Days! Let me hear a WooHoo!

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    Hey The2ofus, are you on facebook? If you, so can message me and I can give you details about the program!

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    Default We're coming back!

    Hi everyone

    We just joined the message board - hope you're all well.

    Paul and Debbie, you were asking re our plans - yes definately returning and our flights are booked! Due to complications with flights we now fly into Kingston and depart from Montego Bay.... but this means we get an extra two days - yeh!!

    We land on 10th September and fly out on 21st.

    We've not booked with Couples yet as not sure if just CTI, or split between CTI and CSS - what are others doing?

    Miss you all.

    M&J x

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    Hi Mike & Jane

    So glad to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

    As far as we know everyone will be at CTI for the duration and plan on paying a visit(s) to SSB.

    We arrive on 9/7 and leave on the 21st. So looking forward to seeing our wonderful friends and meeting new ones.

    Paul retired as of April 1st and I will be retired as of July 1st. We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary and we arrived at CTI 30 years ago on 9/14/80 for our honeymoon. We already booked for next year - just love it so much. Couples is top notch and we are treated so well every trip by the staff who are first class.

    Talk to you soon!

    Paul & Debbie

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    Default Late September...first visit

    Hello All,

    Jay and I are going the last week of September (27th - 1st). We've never been and aren't sure what to expect. Any suggestions as to what to do and where to hang out. We are planning to go out to the island most days and just relax and drink coconut drinks . Anyone else going along? We'd love to get into a little trouble.

    Let us know if you're planning for the same time as us.

    Have a great weekend!

    Jan N Jay

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