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    Default choosing where to eat???

    We will be at cti in dec. and I was looking over the dining choices and I was just wondering how do you choose where to go on which nites, since they all have nights that they are closed and is it hard to get a reservation? Also i see they have the gala and all the resturants are closed, so does that mean that's your only choice. We have never been to a resort before so just trying to get a heads up. We also are coming in on a wed. will that make a differece? Thanks for any thoughts or opinions.

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    Get to the resort and review the menus, then pick your nights.
    Irie Mon

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    We have never had trouble getting a reservation, for dinner. Just make your request when you check into your room. The food is good at the buffet too so don't feel like you are missing out. Some nights the food is better at the buffet as the menu does change at some of the restaurants every few days your favorite item from last night might not be served at the very same restaurant.

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