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    Default My Review of CN-Nothing But Outstanding

    We were so fortunate to be able to spend 10 wonderfully glorious days at Couples Negril October 18th-October 28th, our first time at a Couples resort. We flew from Canada on a red-eye flight (stupidly, we thought we could sleep on the plane) and after the refreshing beers at the airport and on the bus, I have to admit we were toast when we arrived. However, the cool cloths and the cold glass of champagne revived us enough to get through a very easy check-in and Herbert was great in getting us and our luggage to our beautifully renovated room in Building 6.

    What can I say....everything was AWESOME!!! The service, the food, the beach, the ocean, the drinks, the friends we made, the popcorn in the games room....the morning coffee on the balcony....absolutely everything. We have travelled a fair bit and have stayed in all-inclusives in the Mayan, Cuba and other parts of Jamaica.....this is HOME!!! This is the best of the best!!!! Of our 10 days there, we only left the resort on one excursion....and if we had it to do over again, I think that we would have stayed on the beach. You can be as busy as you want or as lazy......we chose fairly lazy, everyday on the beach and in the sea with our floaties. We did go snorkelling a few times and night snorkelling as well, great time, saw lots of fish and plant life.

    Of all the food choices, Lychee was our favorite....we ate there 3 times. The sushi was out of this world fresh, and the stir-fry veg was delicious. We have no complaints about any of the food--everything was fresh and delicious.

    What really impressed us was the service. All the staff were impeccable in dress, in attitude, in attention. Once they knew our names and what we liked to drink they didn't forget. The Couples management must be doing something right and they should be very proud of their staff.

    We have only been home for 6 days but already I have checked prices for next November....definitely this is the place to be. WE LOVE COUPLES!!!

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    Wonderful review..Peggy and I still have CN at the top of the growing Couples empire.
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    Thankyou Tommywommy....I don't care if I have to pick pop bottles out of the ditches for the next year, we are definitely going back in November 2010.

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    Custer...The Couples Resorts have changed our lives..Peggy and I have been very lucky thru the years and have traveled the world,stayed in a few 5 star resorts but the Couples Resorts have proven to be our best bet for the buck.
    It does my heart good to read great reviews written by the world's greatest guests..The guests of Couples Resorts...Hope to bump into you two one day at Couples.
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    you might want to wait until the spring for the Fall In Love Again special. this is our 6th visit to CN. we are going back in less than a month now, and we always book in the spring with the FILA special. Glad you had such a great time there, like Tommywommy says it's the best.
    kevin & susanna

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    shiels2, why not book now? They have been running the usual up to 50% discounts for months. We even booked for 2011 at 50% off.

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    Thank you, Kevin and Susanna; we will definitely watch for the spring special. I have this feeling that I will be on this message board alot until then, so I'm sure we won't miss it. This truly was the best holiday we've ever had and it's all because of the people and the place. Yay for Couples!!!

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    Custer - I think your review is exactly right on the money. You said it perfectly. I never think about leaving the resort. I don't ever want to leave the resort. CN is a state of mind!

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    thanks for that info. i just assumed that FILA was the best deal of the year.

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    Great review Custer! This could have been our review from April 2009. We arrived at 11:00am. Our room wasn't ready (we didn't expect it to be). We got our warm welcome, Champagne and cold towel included, made our way to the pool bar, lunch at Heliconia, picked up our room key around 3:30 and spent 7 wonderful days at home. Couples is fabulous. CN is incredible. (at least for us it is).

    159 days until we're home again.....


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    Default Loved Couples,Negril!!!

    We spent 6 wonderful days at Couples,Negril last month and couldnt have asked for a more beautiful place to vacation.The staff was extremely attentive and more than happy to help us in any way.We enjoyed every moment of our vacation there...the catamaran cruise,snorkeling,wine and cheese party,glass bottom boat rides,ect.The drinks were fabulous!!!My fiance had a few Bob Marelys...I didnt even go there!!!lol We couldnt get over how wonderful the people were to us...and we are definately going back.hopefully next year.This time we wont be packing so much clothing...we spent 90 percent of our time in a bathing suit!!Yeah,mon!

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    Default Just a quick note...

    My wife Kay Lynn and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary at Couples Negril Oct. 24-31. I could go on and on about the Resort, the staff, all the fantastic new friends we made, food, drink,etc. I will sum it up with 1 word WOW!!!! Thank you to the staff and to our new friends you guys are awesome and we'll see you next year!!
    GO BIG RED!!!
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    GREAT review...I hope to be writing a similar one when we return from CTI in December.

    29 more agonizing, excruciating days!!!!!

    Michelle and Brandon

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