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    Default CTI - Nude at night?

    Is there anyplace at CTI that people gather nude after dark? The spa pool perhaps? Thanks for any information.

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    No. Some may use the spa pool or the hot tubs but they are officially closed at night and you could be escorted off the property for using them. That is one reason I prefer CSS. Granted, I have used the spa hot tubs at night, but I understood the potential risks.

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    Not at CTI. The only place nudity is allowed is on the island. The island is open from about 10 AM until 5 PM, weather permitting. They may also close the island early for weddings. I have seen where they would extend the hours on the island if it was closed early on a previous day. Topless is only allowed at the end of the pier.

    Respect other guests. Just because you are a fan of AN doesn't mean everyone else on the resort likes this. The layout of this resort does not allow for anonter AN area away from other guests.
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    SOOO, you can be nude at Sunset beach at night ? We love nude stargazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by prgw8810 View Post
    SOOO, you can be nude at Sunset beach at night ? We love nude stargazing
    Yes - just be careful on the actual beach - the sand fleas and mosquitos will come out after dark - especially just after sunset - bring bug spray with deet (cover your ankles/feet really well) and don't spend too much time in the sand between the ocean and the pool - go straight too/into the water and you'll be fine

    The sand fleas can be especially bad as you won't feel them on you and you won't know how bad you were bitten until several hours later - fortunately - they mostly stay on your ankles

    Pool area/hot tub is fine except for the occasional mosquito

    At 5:00 (or 6:00 depending on time of year) - the beach does become "clothing optional" - the nudists will usually move to the hot tub/pool area but just be aware that you will be invaded at some point

    Also note that on certain nights there can sometimes be an "after party" that is not AN - not fun getting stuck in the pool with no clothes on while a bunch of people show up! Check the activities sheet to make sure you're not surprised.

    Otherwise it's open (mostly) 24/7 - they do close for a few hours in the mornings for clean up now

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