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    Default Water Bottle?

    I've read a few posts about complimentary water bottles (the Nalgene type) at CTI. I was wondering if that is the same at all the Couples resorts?
    I tend to travel with one, just because I like being able to fill it with ice water once I get past security at the airport. I just like to have a big bottle of water available. I realize I wouldn't have it at the airport, but would like to have one while relaxing on the beach.
    I've tried a search, but didn't see anything about this at CSS, so I'm turning to the experts here .

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    Never seen it at CSA.

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    I think this is unique to CTI currently, but it sounds like they may be moving in this direction with the rest of the resorts (yay!)

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    Just at CTI right now

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    Thanks! I'll just bring mine along.

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