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    Default Each person looks better

    We're counting the days now, until we are on the happy bus going back to Couples

    As I've read some of the messages on this board, I've been reminded of something that surprised me the first time I went to the AN beach.

    Many threads talk about how there are all shapes and sizes on the AN beach, and there is no judging. True. What surprised me the most is that as you see many other people arrive dressed ... then get nude ... then at the end of the time get dressed again ... EACH and every person looks better with no clothes on. I saw no exception, and when i mentioned this to my wife she enthusiastically agreed.

    It seems that so many newbies are embarrassed about how they will look without clothes on. The truth is ... BETTER! Isn't that awesome news.

    Regardless of weight, shade of tan, number of tattoos, or pubic hair style. It's all there. Be you and smile a lot.

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    Sandyhub, you are so right! When AN, the happiness and joy we feel are not blocked by clothes nor the concern as to what we are wearing. When we feel better we look better. Our smiles, laughter, and love shine and make everyone beautiful ! Looking forward to be at CSS in June.

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    Arriving end of March for the 1st time. Can't wait to spend time alone together. Excited to go AU for the 1st time. Hope to meet great people.

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    Agree with you. I think the pulling and pushing of the textile tends to "misshapen" people.

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    Agree with you, I think people worry more about what they look like or if they have the right look with clothes on. Once they get past that nervous stage...which doesn't take long, everyone has a great time.

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    Funny, this is something I was thinking about after our last trip, and I'll have to somehow verify it the next time. But I think in many cases, people look better naked than in bathing suits. For guys its not much of a difference, no matter what the size, since upper legs aren't usually a problem area for men and that and the privates are the only areas typically covered. For ladies, I'm not sure. If you're big, you're big in a bathing suit. If you're skinny, flat chested, you're skinny in a bathing suit. For many women, it seems the only benefit to a suit is either sun protection or to conform with their belief system, rather than hide pounds or perhaps scars. I just remember some of the swim up poolers judging people as they got off the boat. They didn't look any "better" than those coming off the boat. I don't know.....thinking aloud. Don't mean to offend.

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