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    Default Gift Shop Credit Question

    For those of you that got the spa/gift shop credits, can you tell me if there were any restrictions on what you could buy? And did you have to spend it all in one go?

    We're heading back to CSA next week and wondering if we can use it all on sunscreen and bug spray or whether it's more for t-shirts and that sort of thing.

    Thanks for your help!

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    We receive the $75 gift shop gift certificate for being at the passionate love level in the Romance Rewards program. At CN in April 2008 and March 2009 and at CSA in July 2008, we purchased items like sunblock, shampoo & conditioner, etc., by charging them to our room and "paying" for them at check-out by presenting the gift certificate. At CSS in August 2009, however, we were told that we couldn't charge items to our room and pay for them with the gift certificate at check-out. We had to use the gift certificate at the time of purchase and were required to spend the entire $75 at that time.

    I don't know if CSS simply handles gift certificates in a different manner than do CN and CSA or if a new chain-wide policy has been implemented. Hopefully, it's the former.
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    I think CSS just does things differently. We had to spend it all right then and there, too, as CSS in October. Last December, at CSA, we billed it to the room and presented our certificate on check-out to basically zero out the charge.

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    at Swept Away we charge everything to the room and then use the gift certificate to settle up wit at check out. good for anything bought at any of the Swept Away gift shops.


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    Thanks for your help, everyone!

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    What about at CTI? Randymon does it work the same as at CSA?
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    We brought the voucher(s) down when we needed something. The balance was noted after each purchase.

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    We were just at CSS last week. I think they finally figured out how to handle the vouchers. We presented our voucher when we first went to the gift shop. They kept the voucher (with your room number written on the back) and they would staple your receipt on the voucher each time you purchased something. Each time you returned to the gift shop, you would just tell them you have a voucher and your room number, and they would keep track of all your purchases and let you know when you reached your balance. No problem mon!
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