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    Default Travel Insurance vs. None

    My husband and I are leaving in 42 days to CSA and are curious how common getting the travel insurance is? For those of you who have been there, is the travel insurance a must or can it be gone without?

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    Just like with any insurance you are just fine without it until you need it!
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    We always buy the insurance. We book our vacation well in advance,
    and there's no way of predicting what could happen.
    We pay way too much money to risk losing it.

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    We didn't and we traveled in Aug (hurricane season). I think it just depends on if you are willing to chance it or not. Personally I'm happy that we saved the money but i know people who would NEVER do with out

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    Get it, get it, get it.

    My husband and I just learned this lesson the hard way. We bought tickets for a concert in Vegas through a broker. Then we booked air and hotel prior to having the tickets in our hands - S T U P I D. We didn't get the insurance figuring, it wasn't such an expensive trip and if anything horrible enough for us to cancel happened, we would be more concerned about that than the $1000 in hotel and air. Well, the day after we booked, we found out the concert tickets fell through. We couldn't cancel the air anD hotel without a fee of 900.00. We're working on new tickets, but for the $$$ the insurance would have totally been worth it.

    Now, with a trip to Couples, we ALWAYS get the insurance. It's a much more expensive trip and you just never know. What if, god forbid, one of you is hit by a bus a week before you leave? What if someone dies and you have to cancel? With the insurance, you can cancel and not have to eat the thousands of dollars you spent. Things happen and you can never predict them. It hurts paying that extra money, but it's WELL worth it if some sort of tragedy strikes. I like what someone else said re: you never need it...until you do.

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    We have little kids, we never go without travel insurance. You can cancel up to the morning of your flight for a 100% refund with travel insurance.

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    Traveling from the Midwest in the winter time can be iffy. We were iced in at the Des Moines airport two years ago. We were delayed a day and had to stay in a hotel. We also found out that the flight back from Montego Bay for the added day was full so we had to stay an extra day at Couples…darn.
    We HAD insurance and it covered the hotel bill, extra dining expenses, and the added day at Couples. We always book our flight, resort, and insurance through an airline travel company. This keeps it simple if insurance is needed.

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    We go to the Caribbean/Mexico 4x per year and ALWAYS buy the insurance !! As mentioned above, you never know when you'll need it.

    We've ended up using ours a few times..... We once had a 24 hour delay in Dulles waiting to go to CN (plane malfunction). The insurance paid for our night in a hotel in Dulles & our meals.

    Another time, our luggage got delayed (a big mess of a day !!) & we didn't get our luggage at CSS for 48 hours or so. The insurance paid for all the stuff we had to buy at CSS (i.e. t-shirts, bathing suits, toothpaste, contact stuff, etc...).

    Anyway, insurance isn't just for canceling a trip; it's also for other stuff that you just can't predict ahead of time.

    So, to quote an old American Express (I think) commercial......We never leave home w/o it !!


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    We NEVER travel without insurance. Even when we aren't traveling during hurricane season.

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    Get the insurance. It is not only good for cancelling trips but for medical assistance if needed. I was in Costa Rica with a group and one person had to be flown home on a medical plane. It would have cost $25,000 but the insurance covered it. Well worth the $110 insurance we all paid. You just never know when you might need it.

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    15 trips to Jamaica, always bought insurance and have never used it but would never consider booking a trip and not buying insurance. I figure the one time we decide to chance it will be the one time we need it. Even if you don't use it, it's worth the money in peace of mind.

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    Default Travel Ins.

    We did without for many years on our trips to CN...our travel agent talked us in to it, and we have used it both of the last two years....once because of the wonderful midwest weather and delays, and once because of a family death when we were at CN. We're quite a bit ahead, actually, for the cost....I won't be without it again, ever, on a vacation like this...

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    We travel a lot and have never bought insurance. We have been to 6 AI's in the Caribbean and Mexico, to Hawaii at least 5 times, to Europe multiple times, to India and Nepal, and all over the US. We accept the risk and so far, we have never had to pay the price. Over time it probably comes out even; the money we have saved is probably close to what we could loose on a trip.

    How comfortable are you with risk?

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    Default I can't make you spend your money but....

    We have always gotten insurance for every resort I have visited in Jamaica and never needed it...till, an unexpected Xmas snow storm shut down our airport and delayed our flight to the resort by almost 24 hours...We waited and waited to finally be on vacation. At the end of our vacation in Jamaican paradise, the night before we were supposed to leave the resort, we got a call from the front desk...they moved our flight back 24 hours because the snow storms in the midwest had backed up that many flights. Our insurance covered us at the resort for another night, no questions asked, otherwise we would have had to stay at a motel near the airport in Jamaica or book another night at that particular resort which ran about $300-$350a night per couple. We also would have had to make the followup calls to know when our flight would be rescheduled, get a shuttle on our own...everything! When we returned home, our travel agent said our insurance was also compting $250 each in cash (they asked if we wanted a check or have it compted toward our next trip). We weren't expecting any of this. When you don't use your insurance, you think, what a waste, but if something happens to you, you will be happy you did! Hope this helps you decide! We, however were not at a Couples, this will be our 1st trip!

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    HI Guys:
    We always have travel interuption/cancellation insurance when we travel. We do NOT pay extra for this insurance becuase here in Canada, you can get a "premium" credit card that covers you for all travel as long as it is less than 15-30 days. The premium card costs us a little extra, but it pays for itself with one trip. Check around, there are a few credit cards that offer this.
    Have a great trip:
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    We get the insurance... never needed it, thank heavens, but you never know. My parents, elderly; we're not spring chickens, either. We booked our upcoming trip in May 2010 back in June of this year... a lot can happen in that time, and this week we found out it has.

    My bride has developed a bursa sac in her shoulder and will likely need surgery. On top of all this, my company just switched us over to a high deductible insurance policy. We are hoping that we won't have to cancel our May return to our home at SweptAway, but if we must, we're only out a couple hundred bucks.

    You feeling lucky?

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    ALWAYS, always get travel insurance, just for peace of mind! You never know what can happen, God forbid.

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    We're from the UK and insurance is compulsory. A friend of ours was on holiday in Barbados, took ill, ended up in a coma for nearly 3 months. Had to be airlifted to Martinique and then eventually back to the UK. If he hadn't had insurance he'd have had to stay in Barbados where they didn't have the facilities to treat him and would more than likely be dead. The medical bill must have run to hundreds of thousands of £, and his girlfriend would not have been able to stay with him if the insurance hand't paid. Luckily he's now fully recovered.

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    Something as small as a rain storm in the US can cause the plane you are schedued to fly back home on to not make it to Jamaica, delaying your return trip by an entire day. On our honeymoon, we had to stay in Jamaica an extra day because there was no plane there to take us home. Ya, I know, Boohoo, but the travel insurance picked up the extra cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Just like with any insurance you are just fine without it until you need it!
    This should be their slogan!
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