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    Default Jamaican Laws & Customs

    I know it's important to be aware of laws and customs when travelling abroad. When I've searched for laws and customs to be aware of when travelling to Jamaica, all I really find is that marijuana is illegal and they're somewhat intolerant of homosexuals. Are there other laws and customs we should be aware of, or is that basically it?

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    Not sure but I did read somewhere camo is for officers only, so do not wear camo. It said Camo shorts would be ok but I just wouldn't out of respect for the country.

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    Ganja is illegal, but has been de-criminalized for small amounts. Homosexuality is, indeed, illegal on the island... Jamaica is one of the most homophobic countries in the world, unfortunately. And yes... "camo" styled clothing is illegal... reasonably so, because JDF needs to be able to recognize who their personnel are... bad enough that there are ne'er-do-wells on the island who will use this tactic without tourists trying to make a bad fashion statement.

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