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    The website seems to state that scuba diving, excursions, and spa treatments are also included in the trip price. However, I've also seen prices listed for some of these things. Can someone give me the real info on this? Either way, we're planning to spend 2 weeks at CTI in May.

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    If you are PADI certified you can dive 2x/day free of charge. If you are not PADI certified you can take the resort coarse and dive 1 time during your stay for free. If you would like to become PADI certified there is a charge.
    I would need clarification on which excursions you would be speaking of as some are included and others not. As far as CTI, the included excursions are Dunn's River Falls, Catamaran Sunset Cruise and any other water sport such as snorkeling or glass bottom boat rides. Were you thinking of another excursion?
    Spa services are not included unless you have reserved the spa villa at CTI where you can get a package that includes spa services, but spa services are not normally included.
    I hope this answers at least most of your questions.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thank you for the response, Coloradojuli! I'm planning to get my OW certification there (doing book work ahead of time) and hubby will take the refresher course. I wasn't sure which excursions might be available, but we can handle paying for a handful of extras. Sounds like there's a separate room type to reserve to get the spa treatments included, but I can handle paying for a few extras there as well. Thanks again!

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    Okay. Here are some other excursions I found listed for CTI and I'm wondering if they're included:

    Dolphin Cove Experience
    Chukka Adventure Tours
    Martha Brae Rafting
    Glistening Waters Tour
    Mystic Mountain

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    ALF0525, Those are not included, If you book the spa villias the spa is included but they are on the "non" ocean side of the resort so that would be something you want to decide, they are private with their own small pool etc. (the site has description and pictures) We prefer the ocean view so if we want spa we just would pay. So that is a personal preference.

    Also there are many included excursions so depending on what you want to do and how many days you are staying and how much time it takes to do each one would also help you decide, Also red flag days can put off your excursions so don't plan to detailed.

    On our visit we did the catamaran, (so much fun) did some shopping (with the bus that goes from the resort) and Glistening Waters, (if you do this set it up with the resort, we left at 3pm and picked up every resort on the way and got there at dark and got back late, not worth it to us kind of a wasted day on a bus) So we missed Dunns river because we didn't realize it was a whole day thing for glistening waters.

    Then we were set up for snorkeling the day before we left but it was red flagged due to the wind and we didn't get to do it. So this year we are relaxing, doing dunns river and snorkeling. But number 1 is relaxing. Have a great time.

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