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    Default Lock Down in Mo Bay and general safety on island

    I have read very sad news reports here in Canada regarding the safety of tourists in Jamaica. According to what I have read there is a great deal of chaos and lawlessness in the city of Mo Bay to the point that the Jamaican Government have instituted a lock down. Requesting visitors to stay on resort and only use registered tour/excursion companies. What security measures have been put in place for off site excursions?

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    Thanks for your post. Last week, the prime minister announced government support and coordination for local officials policing certain pockets within St. James Parish (Montego Bay). These areas are far removed from any of our resorts. And while many of our guests arrive through Sangster International Airport (Montego, Bay), we have no safety concerns as we welcome our guests at the airport and provide secure, comfortable and complimentary transportation to our properties.

    It is unfortunate that some sensational headlines have hidden the facts and we actually commend our government for taking these steps to shore-up under-funded law enforcement and work to rid these areas of criminal elements.

    Feel free to reach out to us regarding any further queries.
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    If I may also chime in, this crack down has the full support of Jamaica's tourism industry.

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