This will be year 4 in a row for us at CN, something I've never done anywhere. Each year we vow to go somewhere new next year, but we arrive back at CN. Aside from knowing it's a home run destination for us (best beach in JA, amazing service etc), it's because of the AN section.

AN was new to us on trip one. I had read about it, read how everyone was great on that side, welcoming and non-judgemental. I'm not all that comfortable being on a regular beach. So when we went in the water close to the nude beach, I kept thinking about what it would be like. Eventually we came back later in the afternoon after partaking in the local herbs, and I asked my wife if she'd want to try. She'd never even been topless on a beach before. We decided what the hell, and dropped our clothes at the sign. (We didn't know any better, and thought you had to do that. ) I'll never forget throwing my clothes down, dashing for the water, jumping in and realizing it was a foot deep.

We never did swim clothed at Couples again, and I'm at the point where I wish I could swim nude everywhere. We socialize a bit, mostly keep to ourselves usually, but it's just the most amazing thing to enjoy my wife in a way I don't get to at home. Both of us feeling truly free. That's the thing that keeps pushing us over the edge to come back.

For the curious to try, just go for it. You don't need to look perfect, or fit into any type. Nobody cares how big or small your bod/bits are. If you hate it, put your clothes on and go back knowing you gave it a shot. Nobody will remember you, or rat you out for trying. But don't blame me if you become addicted.