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    Default Just retuned from CSA

    Just arrived back from CSA and here are my comments:

    The grounds and beach are as beautiful as ever

    The rooms are clean and comfortable.

    The remodel of the older buildings was well done.

    The buffet at the Palms was less than adequate. They were fewer special offerings than in years past and over all the choices were spare. It looks like Couples is cutting back on the variety of food offered to save costs. Also, service was very very spotty. Perhaps not enough wait staff.

    Feathers was excellent

    Lemon Tree dinner was basicly awful and service was poor. Same old tired menu year after year. Would not go back. Also, I don't like the artificial limitations Couples puts on how many guests can go each evening to their various restaurants. They were many empty seats at feathers etc.

    Patois Patio offerings were good, but same old tired menus over and over. Change the menu offerings more often. Again service was poor at times. Perhaps too few servers. Also I never saw supervisors present or active in general. We were never asked about the service quality. I am surprised that a hotel like Couples that gets many returning guests keops on repeating their tired menus.

    In summary, the food and service quality has gone down significantly based on my prior years visits. It's a shame to see Couples' quality slipping. The hotel is still beautiful and the bar staff is terrific and friendly, as well as the beach staff.

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    This is not the same CSA we saw back in November. I thought the food and service had improved over last year. Patois is always a bit slow, but the food is always excellent.

    Life is good

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    Just a quick comment as we posted a brief review. The menu at Lemongrass is new.

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    Ron always complains about something. What's lemon tree dinner 🤣

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    Totally agree, I definitely thought about not responding, but in the end decided to. Also, Lemongrass has a new chef.

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    Knee jerk response rather than thoughtful opinion

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    Just asking for the opinions of other repeat visitors.

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    As we stated in our review we did trading places twice to CN. After 7 trips to Swept Away this was the first time we had ever done that. And as such our next trip we will be staying at CN. Why, we figured why not ďchange it upĒ, we are still staying at a Couples resort and get to see all CN has to offer. Sure we will miss things about Swept Away but looking forward to new surroundings (March 2019-irie)!

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    Its interesting to me that during our latest stay numerous guests mentioned when asked that Couples was not upholding its past standards. This motivated me to ask the initial question: has Couples standards declined over time. Don't get me wrong, I believe the hotel is still better than most.

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    I think they leave tables empty for the sake of the diners. Don't cram too many folks in at once. Smooths out food prep/service. Makes for a better dining experience.

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    I have seen cuts in the little things over the years. Like the turn down service not leaving the patois cards when we were at CSA in November. I asked about this and the turn down service said they didn't have any and that they are now only doing this as specific times of the year. But, I have not seen cuts in the quality of the food. Food portion size, yes.

    Life is good

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    From the limited responses, I think there is a very limited number of people who visit this web site. This makes any thoughtful response to my question beyond the scope of this board. Thanks for reading.

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    How can a first rate hotel provide its services some times of the year. This isa symptom of a hotel struggling to save costs. Raise your prices and keep first rate services all year long.

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    We also noticed no cards this year, but other than that (not that big of a deal anyway) nothing really negative stands out. We ate at all the restaurants but Feathers (been years since we ate there- our personal opinion is we donít really care for the setting).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ron3637 View Post
    From the limited responses, I think there is a very limited number of people who visit this web site. This makes any thoughtful response to my question beyond the scope of this board. Thanks for reading.
    Limited use of this website? Just because people are not responding doesn't mean nobody is on this site. As of the time of my post this subject has been viewed 485 times. Hardly limited.
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    I have watched this one with a degree of humor. But your last comment pushed me off the edge.
    As a resident of the Socialist Great State of Minnesota, Iím well aware of the sentiment, ďweíll fix this problem with more money.Ē Want better education? Spend money. Want better service? Spend more money. Please donít bring the current American paradigm to Jamaica. If there is one facet that Couples and specifically CSA excel, it is the personal service that is provided in all areas of the complex. Want to complain about the food, go ahead. Taste is as individual as the two of us. But I have never had service that equals the level that has been provided at CSA. When numerous employees will remember our name from year to year, asking about family they have either met or heard about, personal service is not the issue. So, please point me towards the service that equals the level of CSA, I really would like to see it. Good luck.

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    Other than the fact that Couples was desperately attempting to finish the remodels and grounds upgrades in the Atrium area during our late October stay, I have to agree with the OP. Been going to SweptAway since 1995, and we, along with some close friends travelling with us, felt much the same about many of the quality and service shortcomings that we experienced during our stay.

    Frankly, the only areas that still excelled and met our expectations consistently during our stay were the bars and the beach... and let's face it, the beach pretty much just happens.

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    Some times you do less with less.

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    It appears you want to push others less fortunately than you off the edge as well.

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    Thank you, Ron. You reminded me that we had not given our annual donation to Issa foundation, yet. It is 22 days into the new year and we havenít sent our donation. Please join us with another donation to this wonderful cause, for children. Isnít it great? A corporation sets up a wonderful way to have their customers give to the less fortunate in medical and education. Have a great day!

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    The silent majority answers! Obviously, I have found the same diminishment of quality over the years.

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    Thank you for your contribution. Good for you!

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    I think they leave tables empty to save on costs at gusts expense.

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    We will be at CSA for our 4th time in less than two years this coming April. We actually feel the service has improved and the food offerings are equal in quality as they were on our first visit. I can't compare it to any time prior to May 2016 buy we can compare it to 14 prior trips to nice resorts in Mexico and still think CSA has them beat. I'm curious as to the Lemongrass menu changing comment above...does anyone know if it's changed since last November? It's been the same on all of our trips. It would be fun to see some new dishes everywhere but we quickly learned they are happy to customize and change stuff so that helps.

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    We have been to CSA 15 times and have noticed service does ebb and flow at different times of the year. It has never been bad enough that I felt we needed to provide feedback to Couples. But I would say that getting on a message board and not directly to Couples is just complaining and not trying to make things better. I believe keeping the prices lower is more important than having the same options, even when occupancy is down. Not cheerleading, just stating my opinion, since that is all we are talking about in this thread is our opinion.

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