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    Default CSA Review 12/27-1/5

    We want to give a quick review. We flew from Midway and had no issues (tough to find non stop flights from central Wisconsin). We didn’t use Club Mobay arrival as we know the routine, get to a kiosk get in line, get through, head to the couples lounge, grab a beer or 2 and wait for the bus. Drive was a little longer than usual due to traffic but otherwise uneventful. Our atrium room was ready so we quickly unpacked and headed to the beach bar before it closed. We experienced no real issues, New Year’s Eve was amazing like others we had been too. Weather was great (rain=1.5 hrs one afternoon otherwise sunshine). It was nice seeing the many staff members we have gotten to know over the years. One thing we did this year that we had never done during any of our previous 7 stays, was we did “trading places” twice to CN. After spending our time there our next reservation is set for CN in 2019. Thought about split stay but decided let’s give it our whole stay. We did do departure Club Mobay (we feel it is a good deal). It was a great trip and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Irie🇯🇲

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    Hi louieandsusie... was a real shock getting back to the reality of our Wisconsin winter, huh? Grinning and bearing it here in the Fox Cities...

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    Hi Chris
    You can say that again about the weather. When we got to our car at the hotel, we definitely said some prayers about it starting—it did. Now we just look back at our pictures and wait for 2019.

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