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    Default Does Couples allow

    I know on the "S" resort you are allowed to dine at any of there sister restaurants if there is another resort near by, Does Couples offer that?
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    As a Romance Rewards participant you can do the trading places pass. It is a day pass that allows you to explore another Couples resort on the same side of the island. A shuttle leaves your resort in the morning (about 9 AM) and brings you back in the afternoon (about 4 PM).

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you may visit the other resort on your side of Jamaica, Negril or Ocho Rios, and while there you may dine there. For instance if you are staying at CTI, you may go to CSS and you may have lunch there. I think you have to go back to your home resort before 4PM, so you won't be able to have dinner.

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    The answer to your question is basically no, but Couples does have a program called Trading Places which allows you to visit the Couples resort in the town you are staying in. Example: CTI can visit CSS and CSA can visit CN.
    It is only Mon,Weds & Fri. You have to be a Romance Reward member and you must register 24 hours in advance and is limited to 10 couples each day. The hours are from 10 AM to 4 PM. You can only eat lunch. Advance registration activities are not available such as the cat cruise and horseback riding. It is not the same as what S resorts offers but it is a start
    It gives you a chance to get a taste of the sister resort
    Transportation is provided at no charge, but if you miss the bus or want to return to your resort early you will have to pay

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    Nope. You can trade places, but it is only for Lunch.

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    For the most part, the answer is no. There is a trading places program for repeat visitors who are members of Romance Rewards, but you must return to your home resort long before the restaurants open for dinner. The only way to eat dinner at another Couples resort is to purchase a pass.

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    If you register for the Romance Rewards, you can do the Trading Places, but you leave by 4:00 so only lunch or the grill.

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    Sorry, only for lunch if you do trading places. The Couples idea is to get to know you and take care of you. You are not just a number at Couples, you are a couple. When you go to Couples you will understand what I mean, been to the S place and never again after Couples.

    Come and enjoy. You will have a great time.
    Irie Mon

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    The program is called Trading Places. But it's only on certain days and only from 10am- 4 pm. You have to sign up for it at the resort, in advance..they provide transfers

    If you wanted to stay for dinner, you would have to buy a Pass.

    This only applies to the neighboring resorts...if you are at CSS you can visit CTI and vice versa.
    Same goes for CN and CSA.

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    Not really. You can do trading spaces and go to the other resort (negril) during the hours 10-4 and use all the facilites, restaurants, but not for dinner

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    Couples offers Trading Places .

    Doesn't say much for the food at the "S" resort when you want to go to your sisters to eat.
    At Couples Resorts we just stay at home for the best food available. No need to go out.

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